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Angel Scribe's
Wildest Dream!
My Wildest Dream Is to Share Miracle Stories with the World.

Why This Dream???

Doris is the reason...and those like her.

Uplifting people is the powerful motivational force behind why I want to be the editor of a syndicated newspaper and magazine column on Miracles.

Recently, I dropped a friend off at a hospital lab for tests and decided to walk around the area for exercise while waiting for them.

The hospital parking lot is huge, so a few rounds around it satisfied the need to stretch and breathe.

As I circled the area, for the umpteenth time, a 70 year old woman pulled into the parking lot, in the same model of car that I have.

I approached her with a smile, and asked her how she enjoyed her car.

Well, because it is a hospital, given her age, that she was alone, and that she was also going in for uncomfortable-scarey tests...I walked-talked with her up to the floor she had her appointment ease her worries a little.

Leaving her on the third floor, I went back outside and began walking, only to discover Doris leaving the building five minutes later.

She had mistakenly arrived a day early for her appointment.

Doris then asked if she could join me for a walk when she discovered I was the author of two best selling books on miracles.

Doris said, "I sure can use a miracle."

I shared some miracle stories with her and encouraged her to "Expect Miracles" in her life.

A short time later, my friend came out of the lab, and I said to Doris, "I hope you pass all your tests with flying colors tomorrow!"

Doris eyes fell, she looked solemn and said, "To be honest, I don't care. It doesn't matter."

I was devastated with her sad response of hopelessness mixed with an odd hope that she may have the opportunity to die.

I shared some wisdom from author Louise Hay; JOY HEALS... a saying Louise had recently autographed in a book hoping it would give Doris a direction to begin to steer her life back into some joy.

Doris has my business card, but she does not have access to a computer, and can not read the ANGEL SCRIBE newsletters.

When I climbed into the vehicle to leave Doris my heart was crying, knowing that she is not alone with her loneliness, many in her age bracket can not afford computers, or they do not have the patience to learn how to use them.

With out a computer and their friends passing, their loneliness mounts as their means of communication with the world dwindles.

It was clear that Doris had not mixed her days up for her appointment...she was sent 24 hours earlier by some Divine appointment so we could meet.

My WILDEST DREAM for a syndicated Miracle column would be to reach/teach/uplift and support through positive miracle messages as a means to give readers like Doris moments of hope.

I continue to share miracles on the internet, on my free ANGEL SCRIBE newsletter for ten years now, my computer files contain hundreds of amazing unseen miracles.

The counter on the newsletter service used for ANGEL SCRIBE newsletters shows that each issue is opened OVER 100% by its readers!

Statistics like this prove the power and need for positive news!

If you can be of any help manifesting my dream for myself ...

please email


Newsletter Reader Responds

Hi Mary Ellen,

I have been reading your newsletter miracle stories for almost 10 years now.

Just for fun I sent your wildest dream to my newspaper so I know someone here will see it.

Of course we are a smaller newspaper in Iowa, but one has to start where they are.

One of these days I know your dream will come true.

Love Jo in Cedar Rapids, Iowa