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Agnes Thomas, Ph.D.

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Do You Want to Know
What Your Pets are Thinking???

Agnes Thomas, Phd.
is an Animal Communicator,
who telepathically
talks to animals
whether they are living
or in spirit form.

Dr. Thomas shares vital information
for their happiness
and well being,
and your peace of mind.

Testimonials from Satisfied
and Amazed Clients!


Dear Dr. Thomas,

I cannot thank you enough for talking to my sister in Olympia, Washington.

Her birds are fine and so is she.

Her one bird died of tuberculosis, and the vet recommended that all of her beautiful birds be put down.

When you talked to the birds, they indicated that they did not believe that the disease had spread to the entire colony.

You told us that the brother of the bird that died, offered to sacrifice itself to save the others, so the vet could take lab tests to see if the disease had spread.

What a loving thing to do.

My sister let the vet sacrifice the bird, whose tests came out negative, and he rescinded his recommendation to destroy the colony.

All the birds were saved by the brother bird.

God Bless you in your wonderful work.

We will always be grateful.

Colleen M. in Cleveland, Ohio


Dear Dr. Thomas,

You have been such a help with our two greyhounds, Zoey & Zeke. during Zoey's bout with osteosarcoma of the right leg.

Zoey was right when she said the cancer was localized to her right leg, and had not spread.

Amputation of the leg saved her life.

I know Zoey was so much more relaxed during the ordeal than she would have been without you.

She has really been handling this well.

Thank You!
Peggy K. in Concord, Ohio


Dear Dr. Thomas,

Gorgeous Georgie is a 7.5" Oranda goldfish, and Henry, her tank mate, is a 6.5 inch Redcap goldfish.

Georgie and Henry

Ok, I'll admit it... I was getting impatient and desperate for Georgie to get better. I was wondering if I should put her to sleep.

She looks so uncomfortable, bloated, lying on her side.

She survived a week of treatment with Clout, Hexamit and Medigold, common and strong anti-parasitic and antibiotic medications.

She is still responsive and hungry, but she didn't seem to be getting better.

I prayed to God to help me find an answer and a way to help Georgie, if one existed.

I even faxed Doc Johnson, a famous koi and goldfish doctor and surgeon, to see if he would take in Georgie for an examination incase she might have an internal mass.

I don't know if the fax didn't go through, or if the Doc was just too busy, but I never did get an answer.

In a way, I was relived, because I wasn't sure Georgie would survive the shipment from Connecticut to Georgia via UPS to visit the Doc.

Mary Ellen's Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter arrived today.
Angel Scribe Newsletters

As it happened, the newletter spoke about Agnes Thomas "Pet Psychic".

"What the heck" I thought "it's worth a try".

I contacted Agnes and told her I was thinking of putting Georgie to sleep.

Without knowing the details of Georgie's symptoms, treatment or my tank set up, this is how our conversation went... Agnes is in quotes, my anwer in parens:

"I get the feeling of loss of equilibrium, nausea, and terrible gas"

(Yes, Georgie is bloated and lying on her side on the bottom of the tank)

"Let's ask her what caused this. Georgie, what caused this? Did you eat something unusual? Georgie says yes, she ate the bitter seaweed you just put in the tank, about 5 days ago"

(Well, there was nothing new put in the tank, certainly not seaweed... but.

I did have a problem with some elodea (a water plant) being infested with snails... so I took it out and soaked it for a few hours in potassium permanganate, rinsed it well, and put it back in.

Oh my there must have been some residue left on the plants! And yes, Georgie got sick right after I put the plants back in the tank.)

"Well, potassium is necessary for nerve function... perhaps too much caused an imbalance, and peristalisis has stopped.

You need to get those plants out of the tank, change the water, and rinse your remaining plants well too"

(Ok, I'll do that as soon as we get off the phone. What should I be feeding her?)

"Vegetation, peas are good, although she will not have a movement for a day or so. The medicated food is not doing anything for her. She know you are worried about her.

She says not to worry, she'll be fine and she will be around for a long time."

(How about Henry? Has he eaten any of the elodea?)

"Henry said he did not like the way it smelled, so he stayed away from it. He is worried about Georgie, and says that Georgie is his good, good friend"

I had to smile at this, because indeed, Henry often nuzzles Georgie's face and body. They will often find a spot to snuggle side by side. They have been best friends and tank mates for a year now.

Our conversation went on for about 20 minutes. She would speak her questions out loud, and then give me the answer.

Well, I tossed the elodea into the garbage did a 2/3 water change, and will buy some new carbon filter cartridges.

It is amazing how she honed in on Georgie's symptoms and probable cause.

Annette in Connecticut


Dearest Pet Lovers,

We found Gizmo huddled in the back of a cage at the humane shelter.

He was too small to have left his mother. I reached into his cage and took out a tiny, frightened, black and white, 4 weeks-old kitten and brought him home.

We thought Gizmo would understand that he was now loved and protected... hoping he would grow out of his terror and become calm, but over the next 6 years he virtually lived UNDER the bed.

If anyone came to our home he ran terrorized out the cat door to avoid them.

I asked Agnes about Gizmo and she said he missed his black mother and to buy him a black stuffed cat toy for security.

We found one and put it under the bed for him. Gizmo curled up to it. Then we moved it to the end of the bed and he slept with it.

Two weeks later we took the toy and put it back under the bed. Gizmo made the choise to sleep on the bed with us and not under it any more.

Instead of hiding outside or under the bed all day, we now can walk into the bedroom and find him lying on his back, all four feet in the air sound asleep.

The change in his personality is so drastic that we changed his name to Purrlin-Merlin.

Also, when Miss Wings came into our home he was not too polite with her.

After a chat with Dr. Thomas, Purrlin-Merlin lets Miss Wings sleep beside him... and he plays with her.

He seems to have taken over as her guardian-cat ...and it happened with in minutes after Dr. Thomas had her "cat-chat" with him.

Pomeranian Pups

Have I got a story for you!

On Monday, March 18th, I came to work feeling a little down as my dog has not been feeling well. I recently adopted two Pomeranian boys. I had them both neutered 2 weeks ago and Bentley, the oldest of the two, has not been himself since the operation.

X-Rays and blood tests have proven that there is nothing wrong with him, but lethargy, a slight limp and his beautiful sad eyes tell me differently.

Monday morning I was discussing this situation with a friend at work and said to her, "I wish I could ask him what is bothering him and ...and then I could help him."

A few hours later, I logged into an old email account and opened up "Angel Encounters" a newsletter from you. I read half way through it and was shocked to see the segment about Dr. Agnes Thomas.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I read,"For those who wish an appointment to find out what your pets are thinking...."

I immediately forwarded the email to my current email address, as I was a little busy and I wanted to read the rest of the newsletter later, and did not want to lose her contact information, and the chance to understand how Bentley was really feeling.

I wrote Dr. Thomas telephone number down and phoned her that same evening.

We had an amazing encounter and I told her about the "coincidence" that occured with my wish to know how Bentley was feeling and then reading the newsletter.

We both agreed that there are no coincidences in life and this was meant to be.

The outcome; Bentley's pride has been hurt, not his body.

We are mending that by encouraging him that he is still "top dog" in the household and he is holding his head a little higher now because of it.

He actually "came around" while on the phone with Dr. Thomas. It was truly amazing.

She asked me, "do you have some beef gravy that you could give him on his dry food?"

I said, as a matter of fact we bought some VitaGravy 3 weeks earlier but have not given it to them yet.

She said that Bentley knew we had it and really wanted some!

When I told my husband later that evening he said, "when I got home from the pet store the day we bought it, I showed it to Bentley the T-Bone Gravy."

Dr. Thomas said that Bentley has not forgotten about that and really wanted some.

Now for the clincher.

As I said earlier, I was in an old email account and forwarded the newsletter to my current account...look below at the time that this occured.

Remember I said I stopped dead in my tracks and forwarded it as soon as I read the segment about Agnes? 11:11:11. Amazing!!!

Truly a miracle in the works.

Here it is...

Subject: Fwd: ^i^ Angel Encounters ^I^
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 11:11:11 -0800

Mary Ellen, you continue to drive and encourage and allow me to experience such amazing miracles. I am blessed!!!!

I also remember that the last time you and I exchanged email, you received one from me at 11:11. It's my angels driving me towards your newsletter...saying it's time to read!


Christina Mt. View California

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Dr. Thomas Shares
her Personal Experience
with Angelic Mystic ATIRA

I just experienced a reading with Atira...Oh, Atira is wonderful!

She really tuned in to me and my family!

My brother George, who just passed away, came through and did a lot of talking.

Also, Atira said I was alive during the time of St. Francis and St. Anthony, the two saints that could talk to animals. I have a strong silver cord to them.

I would recommend her to anyone, and will.

She was fantastic. A true spiritualist, she connects only to the whitest light.
Dr. Thomas

Editors Note:

Agnes is a GREAT pet psychic.
Agnes is as clear with pets
as Atira is with people!
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Angelic Mystic

Agnes Thomas, Ph.D.
brings families
and animal companions
closer together

Readings with passed over or living animals
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Note from the editor:

We share Agnes Thomas's gifts
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We receive no funds for sharing Agnes's work with you.

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