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Photos by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"


This page is dedicated to photojournalist
Army Sgt. Rebekah-mae Bruns, and all troops
who are serving their countries around the world.

The contrast on this page of the soft kitten
and the hard helmet...and a soldier in full
battle uniform and her warm heart makes us
look at war with new eyes.

helmet.jpg (10000 bytes)
"The Helmet? It Fits Purrrfect!"

helmetnap.jpg (10000 bytes)
"Army Fatigues ... or is that Army Fatigue?"

onelasthug.jpg (10000 bytes)
"Capturing One Last Moment to Remember Home."
"One Last Hug...One Last Cuddle"

trench.jpg (10000 bytes)
"Down in the Trenches"

purbull.gif (1k bytes) Mary Ellen had a life threatening illness two years ago.
Here is an Angelic Answer from a Dream.

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