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Expect Miracles
"Famous" Author Mary Ellen (giggle)
redbull.gif (1000 bytes) Information on "Expect Miracles"

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redbull.gif (1000 bytes) Information on A Christmas filled with Miracles,
Clik here to read one of its moving stories.

by Agnes Julia Thomas, Ph.D

Dr. Thomas' book is an amazing
look at the animal kingdom...
from the scientist point of view...
and from the animals themselves.

Learn more about communicating
with animals, and the inner thinking of your pets,
than any other book you have read to date!

Miss Wings' my miracle cat's story and
photo are in "Pets Tell the Truth."

Pets Tell The Truth

Angel Prayers
100 Ways to Attract Angels
My Guardian Angel
Author: Samara Anjelae
100 Ways to Attract an Angel

The Angel Book - Karen Goldman

Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson is an inspirational author/lecturer
Her teachings and wisdom are greatly respected
"A Woman's Worth" and "Return to LOVE."
Marianne Williamson's Inspirational Books

When you can walk on water... Take the Boat
Morning has being all Night Coming
Two inspirational books by John Harricharran
Author John Harricharran

Drawing Angels Near
10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting
by Mimi Doe

In God's Truth by Nick Bunick
The Messengers by G.W. Hardin and Juila Ingram
The Great Tomorrow
Nick Bunick

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On the Wings of Heaven
- G.W. Hardin/Joseph Crane
From the Co-Author of The Messengers
ISBN 1-893641-007
Dreamspeaker Creations (888) 265-2732

After the Light
Author Kimberly Clark-Sharpe

"Saved by the Light" Dannion Brinkley
Wonderful information on helping with Hospice.
Compassion in Action volunteers
The Twilight Brigade

Angel Therapy
Healing with your Angels
Divine Guidance by Doreen Virtue, Phd
Dr. Virtue's Books on how to hear your Angels

"Embraced by the LIGHT" by Betty Eadie
Betty Eadie

by James Van Praagh.
James Van Praagh

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Mary Ellen and James
Imagine meeting James van Praagh
on Halloween nite!

by Judith Orloff

"SECOND SIGHT" is one of the finest
and most courageous books on a psychic
coming out of the proverbial closet!!!

Her book is so well written, that
you feel you are looking through
her eyes as she tells her fascinating
story of growing up from a child
to a psychiatric doctor with amazing
intuition... a secret tool in her
doctor's bag.

SECOND SIGHT is an educational
spell binder of truths and intuition.

"I was given the greatest gift--
the freedom of expressing my full self!"
Dr. Orloff writes about her book.

Books available through:

Dead As I'll Ever Be:
Psychic Adventures That Changed My Life

by Pamela Evans.

Twenty-five years ago, Pamela sat down in front
of a little German lady for her first psychic reading,
which she had no intention of taking seriously.

Thirty minutes later, she stood up thunderstruck
and has never been the same since!

Learn why reincarnation makes sense
and how it affects your everyday life.

"Dead As I'll Ever Be is a book I could not stop reading.

It's not just a good book, it's a great book!"
Richard Fuller, Senior Editor; Metaphysical Reviews, U.S.A.

Dead As I'll Ever Be

"Hello from Heaven" by Bill and Judy Guggenheim
An excellent site for those who have lost Loved ones.

It opens our minds and hearts to a more loving
ending/continuation to our Love

After-Death communications

Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsh
N. D. Walsh

Any of Barbara De Angelis' books.
My favorite is "Are You The One for Me"
to heal yourself from relationships.

The "Angelspeake" book series are also available in Spanish
Co-Authors Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

Prayer and Grief Support

Silent Unity Prayer Line

GROWW, Grief Recovery Online

GROWW, Grief Recovery Online for all bereaved.

A community where support and understanding
for the loss of a loved one, a spouse, a child, a parent
or sibling, can help you through your steps to recovery.

GROWW offers Chatrooms and message boards for specific
losses and needs.

Loss of a Child

Check out Compassionate Friends on line


The Spiritual Cinema Circle

In Your Own Home!

Readers can join The Spiritual Cinema Circle
to see enlightening, heart-based movies that
ask life's big questions.

Stephen Simon, movie producer of
& INDIGO is sharing what he loves the most!

Stephen is a pioneer of Spiritual Cinema and
has been working with others to make DVD movies
available to us...and deliver them directly to our homes!

Receive 2-3 spiritually uplifting DVDs a month.

Check out Stephen's innovative service!


Pollyanna Inspires
and Teaches a Spiritual Message

"Pollyanna" by Disney Studios starring Haley Mills.

This movie is a great family classic-spiritual movie!

Pollyanna teaches kindness and shares
a positive outlook on life.

She shows how one person can influence
an entire town.

How one person can make a difference in the world.

Just like you can in your own circle of influence.

This movie is for all ages.

Patch Adams

"Patch Adams" staring Robin Williams will inspire
and open your heart.

It is rare that a movieis voted as a poor movie by the
critics and the masses flock to it and then enthusiastically
clap at the end of the movie.

The people of the world are ready to be inspired,
uplifted, taught and shown LOVE and this movie
does these things.

This also proves we need movie critics that are positive
and not focsed on the negative emotions.

Watch this movie with your teenagers.
It may be the spark that inspires them for life.
To support Patch's Gesunehit!
Institute 1-877-SillyDr

Homeopathic Medicine

Medicine without side-effects: natural, effective, safe.

Angelic Mystic

Atira helps you to connect to your Angels, Guides and Master.
Atira is featured in the book In God's Truth by Nick Bunick
She can connect with your passed over relatives
For an Angels reading and appointment
206-767-5611 Seattle,WA USA
bluebull.gif (1k bytes) Atira Angelic Mystic

Angelic Greeting Cards

Artist Shirley Meadow


Disney Radio for children of all ages.
Safe, energetic and happy listening.

Hay House Radio

Inspirational Publishers now have a radio show
with all your favorite authors on it!

Wisdom Radio

Listen to Positive and inspirational people on the computer.

People can tune via:

VIA INTERNET... go to Wisdom's website at

Download or install the free RealPlayer (provides audio)
available on the website ... find the free version!

Once you have installed RealPlayer, then you can
go to the Wisdom Website and click on the boom box radio icon.

You can hear the current broadcast perfectly!

You are free to surf other websites or send or read email and still stay tuned to Wisdom Radio!!

LARGE DISH SATELLITE ... tune to GE1 -12, subcarrier 7.1 and tune in Wisdom Radio for free


Paxton TV Network
Uplifting programming for the whole family

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