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Mr. Purr Fect Relaxing
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Coming Home
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christmas 2005 
Happy Holidays
Mary Ellen, Miss Wings & Whyspurr
Santa, Myster E. & Nymbus
December 23, 2005
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Dearest Readers,

Life is an adventure!

I have just experienced one of the most wonder filled, "I am Coming Home for Christmas" experiences.

It not only saved a life, it healed two broken hearts!

Four months ago, my best friend Atira lost her much loved grey Persian cat, Mystic.

Atira is still devastated about what mysterious events prevented Mystic from coming home one day, and she continues to grieve.

Atira has walked the crowded aisles of her local humane shelter looking for Mystic, every two days for months.

She never saw one Persian the entire time.

I recently dreamed Atira would be getting a new cat...a Silver Persian and told her about the dream.

Atira said, "No, I am holding out for another grey Persian."

Atira lives in Seattle and I live in Oregon, a five hour drive separates us.

Last week, I drove up to Tacoma (an hour's drive south of Atira) and stayed with a good friend, Syd, so I could meet newsletter readers and they could have their photo taken with my Persians.

All my cats love a long car ride, so I was going to bring all four, but Atira phoned saying she had a feeling that I should only bring two.

Atira is an amazing clairvoyant, and I listened to her advice.
Good thing I did, as it was about to become very clear why two cats was enough!
Syd and I were out Christmas shopping and I shared my desire to help lift Atira's hurting heart.

The words, "Lets just drop by the humane shelter" led us to turn into the shelter's driveway moments later.

The shelter is sadly packed with adoptable animals.

Why folks do not neuter and spay is beyond my comprehension.

Many want their children to experience the joys of birth and they use their pets.

BUT, the joys are far outweighed with the reality of the number of unwanted animals ending up in animal shelters.

We strolled by dozens of available and scared kittens and cats, all colors and ages.

Then four cages away I saw a familiar color...and ran to it!

There was a magnificent Silver Persian in Cat Jail!

Seeing it behind bars was like travelling overseas
and discovering your country's
Princess in a dungeon!
You JUST HAVE to do something
to rescue her!

It turned out the Princess was a neutered and declawed Prince, who needed rescuing for a crime he did not commit.

A bit of a problem was, the two Silver Persians with me on this trip, four year old Miss Wings and the two year old male, Nymbus.
(Thankfully, I had heeded Atira's advice on bringing only two!)

Rescuing this cat meant I would have to sleep with three adult cats in the small guest room!

Picture that!

This big-eyed purring machine did not look soft and fluffy like my Persian cats.

It was easy to see why folks had passed him by for days.

He only had the fur and eye color of a Silver Persian.

His once fancy tuxedo was in bad shape.

His long graceful fur was completely matted, and became a home for flea infestation.

Yet, this did not deter me from an Angelic mission to save his life.

I asked to see the prisoner, forgetting the Christmas-Angel-Santa hat on my head that my cats are afraid.
When I held this furry prisoner he acted like he was been rescued by the true spirit of the Christmas Angel.
The nameless eight year old stray fur-ball, put his arms around my neck.
And the minute he is touched...he purrs like a pre-programed Christmas toy.

So many loving cats end up in the humane shelters, ones who deserve a good home like this affectionate cat.

Often, it makes more sense to adopt an adult cat than a kitten, because its personality is developed.

This precious cat was on his last day in the shelter and not desirable for most people viewing the dozens of available healthy pets.

I was committed to saving this innocent Persian from the perils of execution.

Atira needed to hug and hold this cat as much as he loved to be cuddled.

One should never gift a pet to someone without asking first.

So, I phoned Atira and told her about the cat and she said, "He needs to be adopted, you have to get him out of there."

At that time, neither of us knew his three days of leniency as a stray, to be adopted was up and a horrible fate awaited him!

The staff visibly breathed a sigh of relief, when I insisted on adopting this matted cat.

They have seen too many loving pets needlessly exterminated, just for the sake that the world has too many cats and dogs.

I adopted him, brought him home and Syd and I bathed the cat in the sink, under a full running faucet for an hour!

We used my soothing aloe shampoo for two reasons.

One, so he smelled familiar to the other cats and two, so his skin was soothed and nourished.

He did not attempt to scratch us once!

He did not try to bite us in the two hours that it took to bath, flea comb and blow his fur dry!

I then bravely slept with all three cats in the one tiny guest room!

And we all slept!
The cats looked at each other, but no one hit, no one fought.

It was a miracle!

There are a few reasons for their surprising and gentle behavior.

One is that my two cats were bathed in the aloe shampoo earlier that morning, so all three smelled similar and not foreign to each other.

Also, if you play with the new and old cats together (with a feather teaser toy, or any kind of favorite toy) they see the new cat as a friend and not a feared enemy when they see how relaxed each other plays.

In the face of fun and shared joy...hatred is eliminated.

I also let the cats sniff each other when they are sleeping to help diminish curiosity. 

Mr. Purr Fect Relaxing
Exhausted, the rescued cat slept for a day.

I kept applying the homeopathic medicine, Rescue Remedy, on his ears, for the traumas he had experienced.

We fed him the new natural diet to re-hydrate him and he began to revive.

Atira arrived.

It was love at first sight and she named him Mr. Purr Fect.

Atira said, "I have waited my entire life for Mr. Purr Fect!"

The odd thing is Mr. Purr Fect does things that ONLY Atira's missing cat did.

His behavior does not mimic any of my cats, but are identical to Mystic's motions.

It is as if Mystic is letting Atira know she approves of this new handsome kitty.

Many wonderful things transpired from this adventure.

My dream of bringing joy and love back into Atira's life manifested by a feeling to stop in at a Humane Society...in a town I do not live in.

Most miracles develop when you open your heart to become a vehicle for love and Angelic energy to move through you.

Mr. Purr Fect literally came home for the Holidays.

He is now safe, loved and Prince of a Castle again.

Actually Atira says, "He is more like the King, running our home!"

Atira is purring again!

Her heart is singing with love for this beautiful cat.

May your holidays bring you magical moments.
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
ATira Christmas 2005
Atira and Mr. Purr Fect
It's all in the afFect of the PURR
Gentleness is next to Godliness
- Kristie Floyd -

Proof Reader's
Mary Ellen,
A person needs to do what their heart tells them to do.
It is a wonderful thing to rescue a cat that at one time, must have been someone's treasured pet.
You don't find Silver Persians just anywhere and to have had him declawed costs a bit too....and 8 years old besides.
I can't imagine how hard it was for this cat to be lost and then found again and given a lovely new home, warmth and food...you guys did such a wonderful thing.
Keep us posted as to how it all goes!

Don't you just want to know
what his personal story is?
Animals are supposed to be able
to talk on Christmas Eve -
maybe Atira can ask him!
Glad to have help proof the newsletters and as always, enjoyed the story!
Cyndi in Washington State
Editors Note:
Dr. Agnes Thomas, the pet psychic and Atira both were told by
Mr. Purr Fect that he was lost a long time, and that he was very scared.
He is too tired to talk much other than he is relieved to be safe and happy to be clean again.
Maybe on Christmas Eve he will open up more, if so, I will include the update in the next newsletter...on what he shares telepathically to Atira.

I love Mr. Purr Fects story!
I can hardly wait to receive the final version, so I can forward it to my friends who are not yet subscribers!
I also love the photos of the cats in the past few newsletters.
They are so adorable.
Bless you and the work you do.
Happy Holidays and Angel Blessings,
Lori in Mobile, Alabama

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Radio Show oops...
Mary Ellen,
Thank you for being on my 2005 Christmas Miracle show!
Not only did I enjoy the show, but imagine, the producer became so absorbed in it that he didn't keep watch over the time!
We ran over into the next programed show!
Now, that is a truly interesting show!
Love and Light,
Phyllis Pricer
Host of The Higher Dimension

Miracle Minutes
Slight delay
The Miracle Minutes did not record well
and we are looking for a recording studio
in the Cottage Grove area to try again,
so you can hear them on Lime Radio.


Angel Scribe
Reader's Comment
After reading your articles regarding cats' spirit, I now realize that my beloved cat, Emmit, has come to visit me many times.
When lying in bed, I felt a thump at the end of the bed, and it shakes the bed.
Thinking it was my other cat, I would look down, only to find no one there!
It was very weird and I thought I was nuts!
Now I realize it was Emmit, in spirit, visiting me.
Now, I won't be afraid when that happens.
Diana in Sea Girt, New Jersey

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