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Angelic Messages of Hope!
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Autographed by Mary Ellen

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" from her garden©
 "Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do." 
- Rumi -

Angels & Miracles
Global Prayer Team

Prayer Team Leader Cynthia:

Dearest Readers,
Recently, a friend was questioning her life, sanity and purpose.  Her abusive partner had slowly whittled away her marriage and spirit.  Now tossed out into the world alone, she was grappling for a moment of peace.  Remembering, a favorite inspirational quote;

"The bond that links your true family
is not one of blood,
but of respect and joy
in each other's life.
Rarely do members of one family
grow up under the same roof."
- Illusions by Richard Bach -
And because she is a soul sister, I began writing her a note of encouragement.
Suddenly, the Angels took over, here is their note to her, and to others who may need something to bolster their spirit and carry on.

Dearest Friend,
Please read this very carefully, then memorize it!

You are valuable.  You are loved.

You lived in an abusive situation and someone told you that you had no value.


Today, if you were walking down the street and someone like them approached you, and asked you to date.  Would you do it?  Would you believe them?  Would their words ring true to you?

Believe your friends who LOVE you, who see all the good that you do, all the good that is in your heart.

Our minds are clear, we see who you are.

We see how intelligent you are.  We see how hard you try.  We see how you extend yourself to make the world a better place and we applaud you for this.

We love you.  We genuinely love you.  You do not have to jump high, you do not have to clean a perfect home, you do not have to do anything...but just be who you are.  And we LOVE you for that.

We see your divine spark and it ignites ours.

Hang in there.  We are all rooting for your success.  Few people come to earth like you, and you are a valuable asset to it and to us.

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"©
It is always easier to see a situation better higher up
and supported by Loved ones.
- Mary Ellen ^I^ -
The Energy of Love©
Angelic Message Scribed by Mary Ellen
Welcome to the Light . . . where all are gathered before God . . . to expound on the great and wondrous aspects of the Light . . . and how it affects/works with others.

The Light energy comes through our realms, down through yours.  Anyone, at anytime, can utilize this power, and strength, to create wonders around them.

To utilize the Light's Energy is to be in touch with God/Spirit/AllThat Is.  To consciously reach out and seek this energy is a blessing to one and all.

The Energy of Love is always a blessing, it creates miracles as it moves mountains that seemed solid.  God's energy has the power to dematerialize the mountains of life, from your situation's view.

To utilize God's Energy is frequently done in releasing one's burdens.  Saying;

"Dear God, Dear Spirit, Dear Great and Wondrous All That Is,
I feel burdened, troubled, and sad.  I feel helpless/hopeless and lost.  I feel blocked and walled in, and do not know where to turn, or to whom.
So, I come to you, open hearted/broken hearted, and ask as the closest friend known to human kind, please, be there for me, please see me, hear me, and help me.  I need a new pair of eyes to see my situation, as mine have grown tired and weak at constantly focusing on it.
I ask for guidance, and Love, and Divine help, and I am now officially open to receiving it.  And, Dear Lord, I will try to remember all this is now in your hands/direction/and energy, and I will now go on and make the best of my day and life with a great burden lifted from me.
And, if I try to shift this burden back onto my shoulders, please remind me, it is in your capable hands now.  I am human and have suffered long enough on my own and am so glad to have you as a friend . . . for support and as assistant in my life.

Now, that is using power, the right way!  Tap into the Universal flow of Light and Love and watch as the every day miracles/Blessings come your way.

We Love you and send our energy of Love, our Heaven sent Blessings.  Amen.
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