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Shining Stars!
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Nymbus, cat swimming
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe," Nymbus, &
International Photographer Jeffery R. Werner
(note the size of his two mega cameras!) 
Dearest Readers,
When the media asks to come and visit you, would you share the opportunity with someone else?
Famed International photojournalist, Jeffery R. Werner, is the owner of Incredible Features, Inc., picture agency in Los Angeles. 
Jeff was on assignment for London, England's Barcroft Media.
He was photographing in Thailand, when was asked to fly to Cottage Grove, to film my five swimming cats.
Jeff, author of "Incredible Stunts," specializes in what he calls, "The "X-files" of photojournalism."

He has visited 60 countries, in his pursuit of incredible people, animals, and daredevils.

The news of his arriving was very exciting.
But one star in the sky is boring!
I thought, who else could benefit from this exciting adventure?
Larry, a gentleman in town, lost his sight, when hit by a double tractor trailer, came to mind. 
It would be fun to share the spot light with Larry, and it would also bring attention to his new business.

When Jeff arrived in Cottage Grove, he was glad to discover two incredible stories to photograph, for worldwide magazine syndication.

Jeff photographed Larry Woody, a blind mechanic at his shop, D&D Automotive, and author and news paper columnist, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe's" five swimming cats.
Both stories are inspiring.  To anyone who has suffered a loss, Larry's story teaches them to keep doing what they love. 
Woody was a race car driver and loved getting his hands greasy.
Now he can inspire those with and without sight to see more possiblities in their lives.
Jeffery R. Werner photographing Larry Woody
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Jeffery R. Werner Photographing
Blind Mechanic Larry Woody 
Mary Ellen's swimming cats make people smile.  What is better than that!
And her dream to be a newspaper columnist, inspires others to follow their dreams.

This is the second recent visit, from the media, for both Larry and Mary Ellen.
Earlier this summer, Seattle's NBC affiliate KING-TV's "Evening Magazine" and Northwest Cable News show, filmed their stories for viewing this fall.

View Jeffery R. Werner's incredible photography
Check out the AWE factor in his new book!

Swimming cats on KING TV
KING 5 TV's Evening Magazine
Filming Miss Wings & Mary Ellen

Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Swimming Cats on TV
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but you may also be the world to one person.
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