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Angels Do Teeth?

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Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" at Waikiki Beach
With all her teeth!

Dearest Readers,

May this newsletter help someone you love.  It is not some thing that many of us want to chat about.

Last year, a dental hygienist said that I had advanced pyorrhea. 

My gums had begun receding and measured 3,4,5 and a dreaded 6!  They used to be either a 1 or a 2...a healthy set of numbers!

Imagine, going to the dentist after brushing your teeth, every day for over 50 years, and finding out you have gum disease.  

Shocked and scared...visualizing myself seen in public with bad teeth was awful enough, but wondering how it was contracted was another. I have always lived a healthy life style and not used any substance that would put myself at risk.

The idea of gums being cut, teeth scraped, the pain, the time, the expense...
well, it was overwhelming and devastating.

It felt like the dentist wanted to also drill a hole into our bank account!

Who do you know that loves a toothless goddess? And all our dreams of taking our first vacation in 10 years, to Hawaii, faded like a setting sun.

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Setting Sun over the Pacific Ocean

After the news, I sat in my car, in a state of shock, and phoned my best friend, Atira.  She is an amazing gifted mystic and medium who hears the Angels and shares their wisdom.  Her answering machine took the call. 

Hours  later she called back with a message from her Angel, Dom.

"Dom said you have an infection.  Do not let them scrape your teeth.  He said that hydrogen peroxide is hard on the enamel, but if you gargle quickly with some for two days, three times a day it will help. 

Dilute the hydrogen peroxide by 1 to 3 parts water, then after, gargle with sea salt water to alkalize the mouth, follow up with glyco-thaymline recommended by Edgar Cacye and you will be fine. 

Do this for six weeks."

Atira continued, "I had a male friend that had an advanced case of gum disease and in six weeks, you could not even tell it was the same set of teeth!"

Well, might as well try it, as there was nothing to lose but a mouth full of teeth anyway!

I had noticed that every time the dentist worked on my teeth that it took years to soothe the teeth and gums.

It was great that the dental hygienist had cleaned the teeth earlier in the day, so when gargling with the hydrogen peroxide, they bubbled and frothed like a mad dogs!

That was the first day, the second day, no froth.  Hmmm it must be working.

The third day, I declared to a friend, "My teeth feel better than they have in 7 years!  All the pain is gone in the teeth with the caps on them."

It was as if Atira heard the conversation, because ten minutes later, she phoned with a new "recipe" from heaven!  "Dom, said your gums are much better.  The root infection is almost cleared.  So, he said to reduce the hydrogen peroxide with one part and three parts water, for three times a day."

Having Atira for a best friend is full of surprises, wonder, and magical healing information.  Who else has an Angel doctor they can consult, who has a 360' view of us in our fish bowl down here on earth!  Lucky luck was the day I met her....and Dom.

Oh, and she is as surprised by the information Dom gives her too.  Later that evening she phoned, "You will NEVER guess what I just found in a book written in the 1930's that I just bought!  It says to clear infection, gargle with hydrogen peroxide diluted to the power of 1 to 3 parts water!"

You have to love Angel magic!  Twice in one day the remedy was given to Atira! (Atira's webpage is http://angelscribe.com/atira.html )

A year later, yesterday, I went to a new dentist who measured my gums. He seemed confused, and announced, "Your gums are beautiful and healthy!"

My gums stopped receding and I had no cavities!  There is hope for people with teeth!

The previous dentist's assistant had measured the gums and the numbers were scary 2,3,4,5,6!  Now this new dentist measured them. I could have cried!  The new measurements were enviable 1's and 2's!  

There is a tooth fairy after all!

Doing what Dom said, and following with a Neem mouth rinse and Dentizyme product for the rest of the year had healed my gums.  Cheap and pain free. 

Instead of paying the dentist hundreds of dollars for the work he wanted to do a year previously.  After ten years, we used our air miles and flew for $20 to Hawaii and had a lovely time in their warm sun.

Dentizme Dental Support

Thera Neem mouthwash


- The above information is a personal experience,
follow your inner guidance with the advice
of your health care professional. -


Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Setting Sun at Waikiki Beach

Dearest Readers,

Many of you have been following the global travels and work of 85 year old Betty Tisdale as she continues helping the orphans of the world.

Her remarkable story was told this week by Dick Kazan in part 1 of his 2 part series, with part 2 to be published this Tuesday. His telling of Betty's story is quick and easy to read, and deeply touching.

Also, Lt. Colonel Doug Mastriano has completed his military mission in Afghanistan, and left the country. Here is his last photo with the orphans.

Newsletter and more photographs
of Lt. Col. Doug & Kabul orphans


Famous in France!

France's Maxi Magazine

Last summer, London's Barcroft Media, sent International "Incredible Features" photojournalist Jeffery R. Werner to photograph our swimming cats.

His photos appeared in a big spread in UK's Daily Mail, and Maxi Magazine in France ran 1/4 page on them!

This summer ANIMAL WELLNESS magazine will feature the cats swimming in their June-July issue.

Cats swimming on Seattle TV

Kitty Paddling on EugeneTV

Did You Know?

I need a VR telephoto lens for my Nikon D-80 camera.

With a VR telephoto lens, I would not have to stand close to structure fires while photographing for our small town's fire department.

The last fire resulted in life threatening asthma for two months.

If you know anyone who is selling a Nikon VR (vibrational reduction lens) or is traveling to Hong Kong, where camera equipment is inexpensive, kindly let me know.  Thank you.

You may only be one person to the world,
but you may also be the world to one person.

~ Anonymous ~

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