Flying in on a Miracle and a Prayer...Miracle Landing
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Flying on a
Wing & a Prayer...
A Miracle Landing!
February 28, 2006
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In This Edition
- A Miracle We All Hope For!

Photos Included
- Angel Statue
- Angel Feather
- Airplane Crash
- Hidden Airplane
- Cottage Grove Scenic River

Dearest Readers,
Angel Scribe newsletters are my Angelic volunteer job, and I take them seriously.
So, after each completed issue is sent, I feel empty...hoping another quality miracle story will soon appear to inspire and uplift you.
As readers, you may have doesn't take long for a miracle to find me!
Today, I awoke with a personal miracles or ideas for another newsletter, so to shake the feeling I headed out for a walk.
Within minutes, an ambulance and fire truck flew by with screaming sirens.
It was obvious something unusual had happened by the number of vehicles, the way they moved, and the focused look on the rescue workers' faces.
I contacted the station for information.
When I volunteered as the fire fighter photographer, for some reason I thought it would JUST be fires that needed photographing.
Oh, gosh!
Today, an airplane had crashed in our small town's river!
This was all the emergency personnel knew as they rushed out of the Fire Station towards the river.
Note: This story has a miracle ending!
I ran home, drove to the accident scene, and was directed to park with the emergency vehicles.

Guided by the teenager who witnessed the accident; I climbed down the riverbank, forged across surging, icy, tributary water, and then with water logged shoes and pants, climbed onto a sand bar island which had been created by the river decades ago.
Whoever said photography was easy?
We pushed aside viciously spiked blackberry vines...and found this!
An airplane nose down!
Stuck in the ground like a sword,
or a huge dart as if a child
had tossed it to earth!
It is not every day you see an airplane planted in the ground like a tall blue and white metal flower!
A piece of its tail was swinging in a tree overhead.
Trees were broken and lying around us.
The miracle?
Both survivors walked away from this airplane that hit the ground at ninety miles per hour! (140 km/h)
Now for the miraculous twist to their story.
If the airplane had crashed a week ago, during our flood season, they would have drowned in the five feet of water that submerged this small unnamed river island!
The rescue operation would have been difficult with the force of the raging waters.
The rains had stopped, the water level was down, the peat and sand mixed soil was softer than normal when the airplane "landed" nose first.
When the survivors climbed up the riverbank, they stood fifty feet from where two teenagers had died in a car crash, on the deadly curve of the road...five years and 26 hours ago!
The young man, who acted as my guide, was on scene because he and his relatives were in town to decorate the location of their loved one's passing.
Angel Memorial
They were placing Angel statues,
planting flowers, building a cross
with a plaque, and saying prayers
in memory of the youth lost to the
tragedy, when they heard the
airplane crash and ran to their rescue.
One relative phoned 911 and others jumped the guardrail and ran to help the men.
The teen stripped off his shoes and swam over to the island, the rest searched for a shallow area and crossed.
The entire time the mother of one of the teens killed in the car accident kept praying and crying as she rushed to the airplane wreckage.
A neighbor also heard the crash and crossed the river with them to luck would have it he is a trained paramedic
He called out to the wreckage and one man called back, "We are OK."
The deceased teen's mother ran up to the first man she could get her hands on, hugged him and said, "I was praying for you."
The accident victim responded, "Me too! I am a preacher."
Dearest Readers, remember the expression, "God is my copilot."
Theirs must be!

It makes one wonder; do the teens who died on this day five years have a job in Heaven?
Were they the airplane occupants' Guardian Angels?
What a healing moment for the family
gathered at the sight of their personal
grief, to be able to reach out and help
someone else in need.
The family will no longer look at this stretch of road, decorated with their statues, as one of total sadness, but one where they made a difference in others' lives.
Oh, and look!
I found this...just a few feet from the vertical airplane!
Fearther found at Crash Site 
Signature feather!
An Angel's calling card?
What are the odds of a beautiful pristine white feather that looks like it fell out of an Angel's wing close to the a location stripped days before by raging flood waters!
This is what the Emergency Crew saw from
the roadway as they arrived on scene!
The airplane resting in brambles
like an odd bird's egg in a nest!
Then the rescue workers saw the accident survivors alive, being supported up the riverbank by the teen, his relatives and the neighbor.
Everyone's favorite kind of rescue!
Yup, a miracle...and the local firefighters, paramedics and residents are left shaking their heads in wonder how two people walked away from this crash sight with barely a scratch!
I am so new to the volunteer fire fighter photography job that I have not received any uniforms, so folks can recognize me at incident scenes.
After I took the photographs, South Lane Fire Chief, Dan Olsen, walked over and said the department is going to give me an official cap and jacket for future events, because the fun button I wear won't work at all the fire and accident scenes.
The button reads,
I am a Reporter.
River by Air Plane Crash
View of the peaceful river
next to the plane crash.
I wonder what miracle will happen tomorrow?
(I am saving up for a Video camera to take footage for local TV stations.)
One station used one of my photographs on their news and a newspaper printed one this week!
How fun is that!
When a miracle happens to you, write me, let's share it with the world!
The next time I am bemoaning the fact that I do not have a miracle to share with you, I need to take a deep breath and realize the universe is taking a brief rest as our heart does when it beats....and know a miracle is around the very next corner.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^
We saw the salvage operation and when the trees around the airplane were pulled out with a cable and winch, the airplane continued to stand tall and straight all by itself!
The plane was perfectly balanced, as you are in bed reading a book on your elbow.
The plane resting on its' wing, supported the rest of it!

Health Tip
by Proof Reader Ann in London, Ontario Canada
I have a degenerative disk disease in my back.
Running and walking helps keep it strong, but recently because of my busy schedule I was not able to do either, and as a result my back became very painful.
I was so scared.
I am a single mother of two, and it felt like I was becoming disabled.
I became dependent on pain killers, they were a regular on my grocery list.
I needed six a day to curb the pain!
My nutritionist suggested taking flaxseed oil capsules.
I took three per day and within two weeks was off all pain
This is so much cheaper financially for our family than the high cost of the medications (which I no longer need to buy!)
Now, my back is in great shape, my shoulders no longer ache and my entire spine is very flexible.
Also, I began taking Lecithin six years ago to help prevent migraine headaches.
With one migraine a month I was taking very expensive prescriptions...and suffering awful side effects.
I stumbled on the benefits of Lecithin through ALIVE, a health magazine.
ALIVE's studies indicate that migraine sufferers may have damage to the mylar sheath which protects the nerves in the back of the neck.
The article said that Lecithin appears to correct or prevent further damage.

I had nothing to lose, so I tried it, and the Lecithin brought my migraines to a screeching halt.
No more days and hours in pain.
I feel alive again.
We are all responsible to check with our health care providers and continue our search for optimal health.
My blessings to your families.
Proof Reader, Ann in London, Ontario
Atira Speaking
Spiritualist Church
March 5, 2006
11 AM
Surprise Lake
Camp Edgewood
1228 26th Ave. Ct.
Milton, WA 98354

On Wings of a Dove, Harp Music to Soothe the Soul

On Wings of a Dove
Harp Music to Soothe the Soul
by Christine Magnussen
This is one of my favorite CDs!
When I had surgery five years ago and was in
a state of terror, I played this soft and gentle
harp music at night, so upon awakening my
spirit would relax and be at peace.
Wonderful background and massage music.
It untangles stress as it relaxes your spirit.
Listen at;

"Never doubt that a small group of
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can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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