ATira's Miracle
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Atira's Miracles!
February 20, 2006

In This Edition
- Frozen Angel
- The Coating to a Miracle
- Angelic Health Tip
- Pretty Teeth
- Mr. Purrfect
Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue,
Atira, Fire, Angel

"All the moments of our life
are leading to our next miracle."
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Mary Ellen "AngelScribe", Louise Hay and Atira, Angelic Mystic
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe", author
Louise Hay, author, publisher, mentor
Atira, Angelic Mystic.
Dearest Readers,
I had two Angel shocks this week!

The first was when I checked to see how many "Valentine Romance Miracles" newsletters readers had
The count was 1,111 newsletters opened!
Indicating the Angels had telepathically directed my atttention to the numbers!
I rarely check the count, so opening that moment was obviously an Angel moment!
Then, yesterday, while out walking in the cold crisp air, a cob web shining in the sunlight caught my attention.
I knelt down to take its photo, and sat back in shock!
The frozen cobweb is an Angel!
Cob Web Angel
"Crowned Angel Cobweb"
in Cottage Grove, Oregon
If I had driven to the dentist, and not walked, I would have missed the opportunity to discover this Angel.
There appears to be an obvious correlation between Angel Scribe internet web site and a frozen Angel cobweb.
The cobweb is also located a mile from our home and only a few feet from where I met the lady in the "Spring into Miracles" newsletter.

Today's next miracle stories are another illustration of my best friend, Atira, and her amazing gifts.
Atira has been blessed with the gift
to see and hear Angels.
How enviable is that!
As her friend for twelve years, I have seen miracles manifest around her constantly and learned more about God, Spirit and the Angels through watching her.
Two things folks first notice about my best friend, Atira, is her genuineness and her kindness.
You will understand why after reading her latest miracle in Seattle.
Yesterday, I asked Atira to think of a miracle for this issue, because her story on Vicks info from the Angels would help families stay healthy, but it by itself would not be long enough for the newsletter!
Well, she came up with an amazing miracle!
A brand new one!
Enjoy her miracle, may it inspire you to discover the miracles in your life.
Angelic Blessings to you and your family,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

"Acts of Kindness Create Miracles."
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

The Coating to a Miracle
by Atira
Atira and Doreen Virtue
Atira with author Doreen Virtue
This morning, on my way to run errands, I did not look at the temperature gauge and ran out the door in my sweatshirt, thinking I would be warm enough.
I noticed the fish pond was frozen, so I found a stick and poked a hole in the thick ice to break it up for them.
While doing this, the cold weather ran through me until I was frigid, so I ran back into the house for a thick warm coat.
I discovered that the temperature was 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6' Celcius) with a wind chill that made it feel much colder.
I jumped in my car, and on the way to the Post Office the light turned red, forcing me to stop.
Gazing to my right I saw a young lady, about 25 years old, at a bus stop.
If the light had been green, I would never have seen her, my eyes would have been on the road ahead.
She was wearing a light pair of jeans, and a thin-gray hooded sweatshirt zipped up trying to keep warm.
It was not working.
She was visibly shivering, and her breath was floating in the frozen air.
I pulled my vehicle around the corner, because I always carry extra gloves in the car for just such emergencies.
Any other time, I would usually have an extra jacket, but when I looked...nothing was in the back seat.
I popped the trunk hatch, reached into my back pack where I carry "Spirit" gloves, for when Spirit directs me to help others.
Luck was with me!
There was a coat in the bag next to the glove's bag, one I had forgotten to take to a shelter.
I turned the coat's pockets inside out, to make sure there was nothing in them.
I stuffed the pockets back in and walked over to the young woman...and offered her the coat.
Her first response was, "I can't take it."
I said, "Listen, you are cold. I do not need the coat, these are brand new gloves and you need them."
She could see I was determined, so she slid into the coat, and zipped it up.
Relief washed over her face.
I know how cold it was out, and she must have felt it clean through her.
She said, "I was going to buy a coat next payday, but it got cold out so fast."
I asked her what bus she was waiting for.
It turned out she was going my way, so I asked her if she wanted a ride.
She looked cautiously at me, to feel if I was safe.
I said, "Neither of us looks like an axe murderer," and we both laughed.
She climbed in the vehicle, and realized how cold she was as the car's heater warmed her up.
I sensed that she was hungry, so I drove through a fast food drive through and bought her what she wanted.
As we drove, she said she was a student and a waitress with two jobs.
She said, "People just don't do kind things like this."
I said, "It is a conscious choice to be kind.
People used to do this all the time, but now they are so fearful."
I dropped her off at her destiny, and she said, "Your kindness and gifts are an answer to my prayers. I do not know how to thank you."
I said, "You just did. One day, in the future, when you are older, you will be able to repay kindness to someone else."
She reached into her pockets for her new gloves, and to both our amazement a $5 bill fell out and landed on the ground.
She bent down and picked up the money saying, "This must be yours."
I said, "No, it is impossible, because I turned the pockets inside out before giving you the coat."
She said, "Well, I know it is not mine! I only have $3 for the bus."
I responded, "Well, it is not mine, Spirit must have provided for you."
She responded, "You're an Angel."
I said, "I believe in Angels and it looks like they just provided you with $5!"
I could tell she had a hard life; she was overwhelmed with the kindness, and she was trying to better her life with two jobs and school...and now she was holding a $5 miracle!
If I had not stopped to take care of the fish, I would not have realized how cold it was outside and definitely not hit the red light and being part of this miracle.
It was a good day; it reminded me of the power of Divine Timing and my role in being an answer to someone's prayer.

Editors Note:
Atira is a great example to all of us.
Atira is constantly buying gloves and umbrellas
to hand to the poor people she sees in Seattle.
She truly is an Earth Angel...FIRST CLASS!
Atira, "During this cold weather the homeless suffer
the most and are in need of food and warm clothes.
Please help where you can."

Angelic Health Tip
by Atira and Dom
The Angels shared something with Atira that is beneficial for all our health!
Atira phoned, first thing this morning, with their message.
Atira, "Last night Dom (her Angel) came to me and said, that we both need to buy some Vicks vapor-rub."
I thought, whatever for?
Neither of us have a cold!
She went on to say, "Dom said to buy each member of our families a Vicks to help prevent winter dry-seasonal nose bleeds, dry sinus, and future viruses."
He said gently putting a little Vicks inside our noses will help prevent infections and future viruses which are coming.
He showed her how to gently rub a thin layer just inside the nose and said, "It prevents viruses from settling."
Atira asked Dom if other oils, more natural ones would have the same benefits and he said, "No, Vicks has the greenest energy."
(Meaning it has a high level of healing vibration.)
OK, this may sound far fetched,
and I am not prescribing,
just sharing the latest Angelic
wisdom from one world to the other.
Having a friend like Atira with her sense of humor, dedication to Spirit, love of humanity, sacredness of constant prayer and awareness, is one of the greatest gifts I have been given....and it is an honor to share her with you.

You never know what little tidbit from Dom will make your day more special...and keep you healthy.
BUT I wanted to check out his information before telling you.
A friend with high blood pressure tried the Vicks in his nose, and he experienced fewer nose bleeds.
My daughter is am EMT and her fire captain said, "This information makes sense because Vicks is known to keep nasal passages open and reduce swelling.
Also, my mother used to apply it on our chests when we were little to break up excessive mucus."
I then asked, Robert Neumann, my Chinese consultant, about what Dom told Atira and he said, "This makes sense, as the sticky nature of the Vicks acts as a trap for the viruses as they enter the nose."
That worked for me, so, when we meet me this winter...I will probably smell just like Vicks!
Pretend it is "Chanel # 9 Vicks" ... a new perfume!
ATIRA's Contact Info:

Newsletter Follow Up
Pretty Teeth
by Atira
I had inflamed gums and tried everything both I and the dentist could think of, but my gums just got worse.
Then I remembered the DENTIZYME!
Mary Ellen gave me some so I applied it...and the very next morning the inflamation was gone.
So, I put some on my electric tooth brush and did my teeth.
My teeth are now whiter than ever and my gums are no longer inflamed!
Here is the newsletter with the information on Dentizme.

Mr. Purrfect
Up Date by Atira
Mr. Purrfect has gained weight, and his furry white tuxedo is now glistening with health.
He has purred his way into my heart as well as totally won over my husband, who has not always been a cat person, but now daily spends twenty minutes lovingly combing Mr. Purrfect.
We are hoping for a gray Persian female kitten, Mystic, to keep him company.
Will share his photo, once I figure out my digital camera!
Story of Mr. Purr-fect's Christmas Rescue

Angel Scribe's
other Volunteer Job!
Angel Scribe in the Newspaper!

I volunteer as the Fire Department's photographer.

As soon as my fire fighting uniform and helmet arrive, you will see the photo!
I look cuter in wings and a halo, but heavy turn-outs are much safer at a fire scene!
My photographs can be used by insurance companies, fire safety techniques reviewed on the scene, AND two of my photos were printed in local newspapers!
Pretty good for my first week!
Fire-Foto by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Volunteer Vents a Smoking Attic.
Bonnie in Gig Harbor, Washington writes,
"Mary Ellen, you better not get too close to any fires!"
"Angel Girl, you'll singe your wings!"

Oh, this web site will lift your spirits to a new level.
Love permeates your eyes and heart.

Amazing Heart Touching

Many readers responded
with awe to this web site.

A ten-minute inspiring documentary
about a horse who heals children.
One of our readers contacted the owners
of the stables and they said they are in need
of hay for the horses.

Proof Reader's Comments
on this Issue
Cyndi in Ephrata, Washington

Wow - this issue brought tears to my eyes - the last one did too.
By the way, Sweet Adeline, the horse - I sent its link to all my horsey people in hopes that we could get the word out.

What a great miracle story on Atira and the coat!
Her story touched me deeply, because many people would not stop and help like Atira did - what a special and beautiful woman she is. And very inspiring.
Oh! And the Angel spider web - awesome!
I saw it before reading about it and the Angel was so vivid even without the words - what a very special thing to have found. You're a lucky woman.
Great newsletter - but then again - aren't they all!

Barbara in New York
Mary Ellen, the oddest thing just happened.
When I moved into this appartment it had an answering machine, I do not know how to change the time and date on it.
When you phoned today, Saturday, to ask me to help proof, the call registered as Tuesday at 11:11!
Imagine! Angel time!
How perfect is that!
Even when it is not Angel time in the world, it is when you show up!

Kristie in Enumclaw, Washington
Great miracle story - this morning before my son, Joey, left for work, I too found a $5.00 bill laying around, so I gave it to him for lunch money.
I kept thinking about it.
I wondered why $5 - it must be a day of Change!

Pat in Chehalis, Washington
Atira has such a lovely, open, kind and caring face, it comes through in her photos.
I have met her, and she is that way in person too!
No wonder you two are best friends!
Mary Ellen, your newsletters just keep getting better and better.
It does not amaze me, because you are a lady whom in her own right, is such a wonderful, gifted, loving, caring person, that there is no way you could do anything other.
It is no wonder your readership is growing day by day, people recognize true love and talent when they see it!

Pam in Milton, Washington
God bless Atira for sharing her "tidbits" from Dom.
I am going to buy some Vicks for my daughter, a school teacher, as she constantly picks up colds from her students.
We are going to try the "Vicks" trick!

Susan in California
I loved this newsletter!
Atira sure has a big heart that is wide open and directed to people in need. God bless her.

Kathleen in Maine
Mary Ellen, you and Atira continue to inspire me to do random acts of kindness each day (as well as others around the world I'm sure!)

Explanation on triple numbers
More 111 stories:

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