Valentine Sweet Hearts
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Sweet Hearts
February 14, 2006

In This Edition
- Soul Mates
- Sweet Hearts
- Angelic Wisdom
- Poetry of the Angels
- You are Loved

Dearest Readers,
Happy Valentine's Day.
A day where you see love expressed in hearts all around you.
You do not need a boy/girl friend to feel this love.
Splash the love that rests in your heart everywhere, as a child who walks through puddles.
Let your love touch many people today!
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Ariel Playing in a Puddle, age 2
Nurture the Child in your Heart.
Ariel, age 2, playing in a mud puddle
in the pink-wool dress her Grandma knit for her!
Ariel is looking at the mud with awe
as she explores the wonders of the world,
we can do this every day too!

"You have to fall in love with your self
before anyone else will fall in love with you."
Dr. Phil

Soul Mates
Suzka in Portland, Oregon
Here is proof that Fairy tales can come true!
I have a miraculous story of how Angels helped two people find true love.

In 1956, my thirteen-year-old sister Joan, loved sitting on our front porch reading Teen Magazine from front to back.
The magazine's last featured section held ads for people looking for pen pals.
My sister read all of the ads, never dreaming she would reply to one.

One day an ad caught her eye. Rog wrote that he lived in Minneapolis (we lived in Illinois).
It was so out of character, but she wrote to him...never dreaming he'd write back.

Rog received 200 responses from his small personal ad and Joan's was one of the few he replied to. was the only reply from him until two years later.
Out of the blue, his letters began arriving again and the two became instant friends sharing details about their families and lives.
Rog had a new girlfriend, Jane.
He was going into the Marines and asked Joan if she would write to Jane in Minneapolis.
Well, Jane and Joan became instant friends.
In fact, Jane invited Joan to Minneapolis to meet her family.
Joan arrived and had a wonderful time with Jane's family.
Jane and Joan went to the town's carnival and met up with Jane's brother, Lenny who was there with a date.
Lenny had only seen Joan's photo and blurted, "Wow, I didn't know you were so short!"
Joan's response was in her eyes.
She thought he was so handsome!

Later that week Lenny and Joan were watching TV and they turned to each other and knew it was meant to be.
They had a 4-1/2 year, long-distance relationship.
In 1964, Lenny asked Joan to marry him.
It was a marriage made in heaven!

They have been married for 41 years, have four children and one grandchild and are still the same love-birds today, as they were back in 1964!
I have never seen two people so much in love today, as they were when they first met.
After 41 years of marriage, they both say...they would do it all over again!

The Angels knew exactly what they needed to do back in 1956 and are still guiding, loving and caring for these two incredible soul mates.
True love and romance grows from year to year and fills their hearts with never-ending love!

Suzka in Portland, Oregon

Editors Note

Suzka shares another miracle in;
Suzka rescues an elderly women and her
small dog from an aggressive large dog.
Suzka and Sophie
Suzka and Sophie

Sweet Hearts
& Sweet Peas
by Mary Ellen ^I^ Angelscribe
My husband, Howard, and I met on the wings of a prayer.
He was a bachelor and city planner for the City of Vancouver, B.C. when he decided he wanted a slower pace of life, to enrich his life, and he also wanted to create a family with someone.

He applied for several jobs and was accepted in the small quiet town of Duncan, B.C. on Vancouver Island, which would guarantee him time to stop and smell the roses.

He packed up his apartment and on moving day, while crossing the strait on the B.C. Ferry, he said a prayer: "Dear God, I am ready to meet someone nice, not be alone and settle down."

Howard's ferry docked, he drove the forty minutes to Duncan, and arrived at my apartment block.
On that Sunday afternoon, I heard someone moving into an apartment two doors down.
I was single and had also just moved over from Vancouver and did not know anyone.
I left my apartment and invited Howard in for tea.
We were married 99 days later, bought a home and moved in on the 100th day.
We both loved to garden and two weeks after we moved in, Howard came into the house visibly upset.
He had lost his new shiny wedding ring while gardening.

Several months later when I was out weeding the garden, I saw a sparkle.
My mind raced back to the missing wedding ring, so I walked over to the glittering pea plant, stood silently staring.
Dangling off the end of a new pea shoot, shining in the sunshine, was Howard's wedding ring, ready to be plucked!

God always speaks in a whisper first.

Angelic Wisdom
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

...... And the Angels said,
"We are with LOVE.
We guide you...with LOVE.
We speak...only with LOVE...

For we are messengers of LOVE.
You may hear us telepathically.

You may feel us lightly touch your hair in a gentle way.
You may feel our presence in a light breeze or with a rush of God bumps.
You may think we are not with you, but know we are.
Have you ever felt a gentle, urgent, spontaneous hug five inches from your heart center?
A feeling of urgency, of action to move some speak to do something?
These are our promptings, our telepathic nudging.
You have free will to choose your destiny and direction.
Have you noticed this energy of our support or words of support continue to repeat until you make a decision to act one way or the other on our promptings?
And then like an early morning dream the memory of our promptings fade.
Have you ever felt protected and loved,
as if you are being gently
wrapped in the arms of love?
That is our presence.
To see us is a minor detail.
To know we are with you is the basis of your belief of LOVE and God's Messengers of Love, kindness and support.
We work through people with open hearts, who you encounter on your path of life.
We use their presence to help and support and Love others in need.
And when these people are doing work through their life of God and us...they are Earth Angels.
Bless Your Angelic we see you are one too.

Poetry of the Angels
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" 
Rainbows of Love cascade down from Heaven
Bridging the dimensions
Between human and Angel and Divine Spirit.
Imagine colors of LOVE inter weaving...
Building the bridge of support and communication
Between the dimensions.
Worlds a part...connected with one human heart beat.
Raindrops of affection landing on your cheeks, so softly.
Butterflies dance and swirl in the effervescent light and shadows of Divine energy.
An artist could never capture the beauty of the experience.
A poet could not find enough letters in an alphabet to write even partially of the beauty.
A moment like this is to be held silently...quietly in your heart.

You are Loved
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Why is it every time an Angel appears or speaks it is about Love?
Angels are the messengers of the Love God has for us.
Nothing complicated, nothing difficult.
Yet, one of the hardest concepts for man to comprehend.
Your culture is full of messages to champion inferiority.
The true heroes of your world are the ones that demonstrate Love.
People who mentor others are heroes.
Understanding and teaching Love takes a legion of Angels to whisper the message over and over into your heart.
"You are Loved."
"You are perfect, whole and complete in the heart of God and God loves you."
"We Love you!"
And peace within is found when you accept and Love yourself.
Most do not stop and take the time and look at themselves with the same eyes of love they have for another.
You have missed seeing how you may be more lovable than the ones you love, as they do not mirror love back to you.
It is you that you must love first, so your well will continually over flow and bubble with Love.
How loved do you think you are?
Imagine a Guardian Angels's love for you...
the one chosen to be with you this life time....
through the years.
You are so loved!
Imagine the love of God's Angels as they assist, nudge and teach us.
Love flowing on a Universal Ocean to the beaches of our hearts.
You are so loved.
Ask the Angels to leave clues of their "presents"
a feather, a cloud of an angel,
or a penny from heaven,
and then keep your eyes and heart
open for what may manifest.
You are Loved.
Know it.
Feel it.
Believe it.

Loving Angelic Messages
Dearest Readers,
I have 900 inspirational Angelic writings similar to the three above.
It was difficult deciding which ones to include in this issue.
Twenty more Angelic messages;

Heart Touching
So many readers responded with awe
at this website that I am including it
again for our new readers.
A ten-minute inspiring documentary
about a horse who heals children.

Reader's Comment
"I watched the video about the horse, Sweet Adeline - sat there and cried with such joy over the entire video - beautiful and so amazing - I can't wait to see the film now!"
Cindi in Washington

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