Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter February 10, 2005

Three Year old Miracle Raises its Magical Head

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Dearest Readers,

I barely know where to begin!

These past few days were so magically overwhelming that when I tell folks the story, they look at me with their mouths gaping open!

Neither of us knows what to say or how to respond!

How is it possible for our life events to become a mountain of coincidences, synchronisities and miracles...creating such an obvious synchro-destiny that they whirl like an infinity sign of life!

If you are a cat lover, you will love this story.

If you like the puzzles of life blending together exposing a greater mystery then you too will love this story!

The long version of the first section of these events is posted on

The short version, and part one is:

Three years ago, I began, in earnest, a search for a Shaded Silver Persian kitten.

After and exhausting and terrifying year with the death of my father, sister and my own surgery from cancer, I felt a Silver Persian kitten would be the best medicine for my healing!

After three months of computer search, I could not find any healthy kittens in my area, and on a whim, thought what would someone who might have Silver Persians use as a web site?

On Thanksgiving day, I typed the most obvious, into and then lightly tapped the send button.

The next thing I knew was... the most beautiful kittens in the world looked back through the computer screen!

I fell in love! But, Linda, their breeder would not ship, and the kittens were expensive.

Over the next few weeks, day after day, I went to her website and looked at the kittens’ sweet Angelic furry faces and dreamt of having one to hold.

Christmas morning, my daughter, Ariel, gave me a beautiful red sweat shirt with a drawing of a sweet-sleeping Persian kitten tucked in a Christmas stocking.

(Ariel bought the sweat shirt from our favorite Morning Sun designer’s outlet store in Fife, Washington.)

(We love Morning Sun!

(When we lived in Washington, every time an out of town guest came to visit us, we would drive them to Morning Sun to enjoy the thousands of happy and colorful sweat/T-shirts.)

(We went so often, the staff now recognizes us.)

The sweat shirt’s caption read, "Dear Santa, Please bring me a kitten."

I loved the sweatshirt, but receiving it felt a bit like the child whose Grandparents go to Hawaii for vacation and then bring the child home a T-shirt that reads, “My Grandparents went to Hawaii and all I got was this dumb T-shirt.”

I cried when I opened the gift, because its message spoke so clearly to my heart and how I felt about finding a kitten.

My family and friends had been searching for a Silver Persian... everyone was trying to make my dream come true and a sweat shirt was as close as we had come to a live kitten!

A bit of a let down, but it was something tangible to hold onto until my dream came true!

Well, as you know, three days after Christmas Linda phoned and offered me the gift of one of her kittens, Miss Wings.

The next miracle of how Miss Wings earned her wings flying from Boston to Oregon is posted on:

How Miss Wings earned her Wings

Now for part three!

The events of this last week show us how miracles have many facets, and build onto themselves a magical luster and shine to uplift many!

A few days ago, I received an email from Bonnie who was looking for inspiration.

She works as a professional artist and she typed “kittens” into the search engines... And up popped a fun photo of Miss Wings’ kittens playing in computer paper.

Bonnie explored my website, and to her total surprise read about the red Christmas sweatshirt.


Here is her email:

Dear Mary Ellen,

I felt honored to read your precious story and know that I had some involvement in the wonderful journey that joined you and your little Angel baby.

I am the artist who drew the “Dear Santa Kitty” on your Christmas gift.

As an illustrator, I’ve seen people wearing my designs.

I am used to seeing my art work in catalogs and flyers, but reading your story is very touched my heart!

I absolutely adore kittens, and during my lunch break, I was looking at pictures on the Internet when your beautiful baby's photo took my breath away.

I don't usually go to websites, but felt compelled to see more kitten photos and read about you and little Miss Wings.

Then, I was shocked to read that I had played a part in your story!

You see, that Christmas Kitten design is one of my very favorites.

I had such a feeling of love as I sketched that little kitten and am pleased that you received it as a loving gift.

I am tickled to see you wearing it on your website!

Miss Wings’ sweet face is inspirational!

Seeing her photos gave me a loving feeling...even before I'd read your story.

When I read your article and saw your photos, I felt warm all over.

Thank you for sharing your story, it is now a special Blessing to me too!

Angel Blessings and Kitty purrs,
Bonnie J. Hamer, Artist

Miss Wings Photo Galley

Miss Wings Photos

Dearest Readers,

I immediately E-mailed Bonnie my phone number.

After all, this is the Internet and you do not know where folks live in the world, or how they find you.

Morning Sun clothes are sold all over the world, and their designers must live in many cities.

Bonnie called, and I asked where she lived.

Well, she lives within walking distance of our old home in Washington!

Bonnie works at our favorite store, Morning Sun...and she was astounded that I am now staying five miles from her home... and Miss Wings is here too!

Then she had a surprise!

Bonnie fell in love with the photos of Miss Wings and for the last four days she has been sketching them!

Bonnie was surprised that I contacted her so fast and more shocked to learn that we live so close...and that she has the possibility of actually meeting Miss Wings, who is three years old now!

After all, this is the Internet and folks don’t usually live around the corner from you!

On Monday, Miss Wings, Myster E and I drove over to Morning Sun and met Bonnie and her co-workers.

morningsun.jpg (38000 bytes)
Miss Wings helping Bonnie design at Morning Sun!

Sitting on Bonnie’s work table is a potential future T-shirt sketch of Myster E that she is working on!

Miss Wings and her kittens photos are hanging around Bonnie’s work cubicle like Christmas ornaments!

So, the dumb T-shirt episode at Christmas, instead of a live kitten...had more meaning than either of us could have dreamed of!

The beautiful sweat shirt was a message of more miracles to come!

I was looking for love and hope and joy in the arrival of a kitten.

Bonnie was looking for inspiration when she found my website, by Divine accident!

Bonnie fell in love with Miss Wings, and Bonnie and I are also new best friends!

We never know what is unfolding in our lives, or what direction it is taking or why!

Hold to the vision that life is like an infinity sign, wrapping around, what you do, what you give, what goes out, and comes back to you in magical ways.

I am not being paid for any of this other than a great story to share.

The feelings are so thrilling, the gift is; my heart is happy and I feel like a five year old on Christmas Eve...just knowing there are magical moments in the world!

Linda, Miss Wings’ breeder, also had an Angelic confirmation on the kitten’s birth.

Her story: “Angels, Candy Bars and Kittens”

“Angels, Candy Bars and Kittens”
You never know when your life will touch another’s life.

Bonnie found more inspiration than she could handle when she found my website!

She has being sketching Miss Wings and the three kittens for a week now!

I shared the joy of the syncro-destiny with Linda and she responded with how Miss Wings had changed her life too!

Dear Mary Ellen,

Miss Wings changed me totally!

I did not like the person I was before she came into my life.

Thanks to Miss Wings, the Angels and you Mary Ellen, I can honestly say that I like the person I am now.

I am more compassionate, loving, caring and an all around better human being.

I want to help people and I am more in tune to their feelings.

Miss Wings has opened my eyes to a different part of the wold.

Not the world as we know it, but a higher level.

Since meeting you, I have read about Angels and communicating with them.

I feel like a magnet and draw people to me, whether they are grieving over a lost pet or loved one, they need to be reminded that they too have Angels in their life.

When someone takes home one of my is like they are bringing an Angel home....and their life also changes!

Thank you Mary Ellen for contacting me Thanksgiving of 2001.

I had no kittens available then, Miss Wings birth is a miracle.

The depth of her birth is so grand that I can not fathom how much it would affect me, my life and lifestyle.

She is heaven sent and obviously meant to be, because her birth took place under very special influences.

She was born December 8, 2001 in the middle of a blue moon and the solar eclipse of a new moon.

Miss Wings came out meowing!

I have delivered hundreds of kittens AND never had this happen before or since!

Miss Wings was not wanted by anyone, because of her tail situation.

I never had that either!

I had a gut feeling that she was special and sent to me for a specific reason.

My life changed as soon as I brought her into the world.

Angels are a part of my every day life now, I talk to them and ask for their continued guidance.

My kittens and myself, have helped many lives.

I now pray for many who have problems and send the Angels to help them.

I am forever changed.

Love Linda

Dearest Readers,

Can a tiny kitten change lives?


Can YOU change lives?


Can something you do touch a life?


Chose to make a difference for someone!

It is a conscious choice every morning to make a difference in other’s lives.

My day is not complete unless I know that my life presents/presence is a blessing to another.

I hold the intention to create what ever situation it takes!

These newsletter stories are proof that each person is delicately intertwined with each other!

My birthday is in two days, and this latest experience feels like a Divine gift that validates how my life is making a difference...and it is a reminder that your life can make a difference to others!

Wishing you a life filled with miracles and magical moments.

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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