Spring into Miracles
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Spring Into Miracles
February 4, 2006

In This Edition
- Listening With Your Heart
- Raining Miracles
- Seeds of Joy
- Health Tip
crocus close up
"The Face of Hope"
Crocus photo by Mary Ellen
Dearest Readers,
What exactly is a miracle?
Do you look for huge ones, or do you search for everyday small ones?
Many believe that our small miracles fine tune and direct us towards bigger ones.
Thank goodness most of us do not need a "rescue off the mountain" kind of miracle.
We appreciate small daily ones, because they renew our faith and spirit.
Remember the miracle of meeting our new East Coast proofreader, Barbara in New York, and then how she began attending the church that I suggested, and how it lifted her spirits?
It was an answer to her prayer when I suggested Unity Center to her.
"Barbara wrote, "We have never met, but you have made a difference in my life and quite probably thousands of other readers."
"You have no idea how many other hearts you have touched."
Well, our West Coast proofreader, Pam in Milton, Washington read in the last newsletter about the Spiritualist Church, and went last Sunday.
Pam writes, "I recently prayed to find people who were like-minded without having to travel very far."
"And my prayer was definitely answered as the Spiritualist church is just a few blocks from my house!"
"Mary Ellen, thank you for your newsletters, and being directed through you to where I need to be."
"Maybe someday we will meet in person!"
It is wonderful that these two woman had the miracle of their prayers answered.
They will both be meeting new friends and learning new things.
And what is amazing is...I have never met either woman...yet the Angel Scribe newsletters have changed their lives!
We can all be a vehicle for miracles...
ask to be one in your life like
Maite in Venezuela did.
Maite emailed me last week, "There is a very poor family in my country Venezuela."
"Eighty percent of our population is very poor, we suffer much."
"My friend told me about a poor family who were about to have their third child and they didn't have anything."
"I still had the beautiful crib that I used for my three children, the younger is four years old, so I gave my crib, another Mom gave bottles, another a stroller...and so on."

"Three days before little Mario was born his mother had everything she needed!"

"Wouldn't you call this a miracle?"
Yes, Maite that is a miracle!
We can only imagine being so poor as to be unable to afford anything for our child and then...all of a sudden items are donated of which we are in desperate need.
Mario's mother no doubt had a prayer or two in for a miracle to make her family's and her life easier.
Bless Maite's heart for answering the prayer.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Raining Miracles
In the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the United States, we have had three months of rain EVERY DAY, with one overcast dry day.
You would think the struggling spring bulbs
would dissolve in the rain soaked earth!
Cottage Grove's City dam was releasing gallons of water at a record-breaking rate.
Homes closest to the dam were on flood alert.
The water was inches from spilling over the top.
Minutes counted.
Covered Bridge Storm
Cottage Grove Dam's runoff storm water
turned this docile river into a raging muddy torrent.
Our family watched as the rain's runoff stopped going down the street's storm drains...instead the water eerily reversed, bubbled up, and began filling our street...and then the water slowly edged towards our home.
The next morning, the rain stopped for 24 hours and our home was safe, but not so our neighbors.
They were flooded.
(It felt like a miracle was performed to protect our home.)
Their joyful Christmas lawn decorations made way for ugly-plastic sand bags tied up with a blue bow.
I am from North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, on Grouse Mountain, where it is normal to receive 130 inches of rain a year, so I know rain, and how to keep busy and not fall prey to foul days.
But, months of this year's weather has officially lowered my spirits, the rain soaked bushes are not the only things feeling beaten down.
Yesterday, the minute the rain stopped, I left the house for a walk in case it began raining again.
The local media constantly reports that walking lifts your spirits, and in the past this has always been an instant cure for me.
But today, the heaviness followed.
I was silently praying for answers as to why this heaviness was present, what direction to go in life, and how to lift this feeling.
I walked down neighboring streets trying to shake the foggy feeling, to no avail, and ended up at Cottage Grove's City Hall's covered bridge.
(It is a small town - 9,111 residents.)
Covered Bridge by Cottage Grove's City Hall
Mary Ellen walking Nymbus,
beside City Hall's Covered Bridge
A beautiful woman sat alone on a bench.
Most folks would notice how heavy and unhealthy she had become, but we all see with different eyes.
I saw her pretty face, her kind-sparkling eyes...framed with her beautiful waist-length hair and soft pink jacket.
She had two lunches, so I asked her if she was going to have a picnic on this rare sunny day.
She responded, "Yes, with my three-year-old and husband."
And she turned and pointed to them exploring the covered bridge beside us.
I said, "You are so beautiful!"
And honest-to-gosh, I do not know how this happened, she opened up her vulnerable heart and said, "Thank you."
"I appreciate you saying so. I do not get out much, since I gained 80 pounds this year."
I bluntly asked her if she was depressed.
Can you imagine asking a total stranger that?
I have obviously been watching too much Oprah and Dr. Phil!
When she answered, "Yes," I responded, "I am too!"
Apparently, the weather had affected us both.
My pedometer read 1.9 miles, and I told her that the heart-heaviness was still dragging along with me.
I said that I wrote
inspirational newsletters
and shared them with the world,
and at the moment was in need of inspiration.
I shared how I bounce on a mini-trampoline for winter exercise, during Oprah's TV show, having no idea that she used to be a gymnist.
I believe that things happen for a reason, and that we are led each day on a divine journey.
Meeting her was by Divine Appointment, because this was her family's first time in Cottage Grove!
Within minutes of chatting, we both noticed the same thing.
We felt better, lighter, the heaviness lifted from both of our hearts and we departed smiling.
It was the mutual sharing of the heart.
It was not what we said.
It was two women talking and connecting with each other.
The heaviness left as easily as pushing the delete button on your computer and it has not returned, even though it is raining AGAIN all day today!
I am left in constant thought about the reason the heaviness first settled in and wonder if its intention was to push me out the door to meet this woman?
The miracle was God/Angels directing me out the door to walk in a higglty-pigglty way through our city streets into town to meet with the woman...to let us touch each other's lives and change our vibrations to joy and understanding.
There is a powerful reason
you are alive on earth at this time,
you can change the lives of others
just by being who you are.
Shine your light, God/Angels
will use it to attract the right people
and miracles to you.
The woman emailed about her reactions to our brief meeting, "I keep thinking about when we met."
"I have felt a deep oppression and isolation, and our brief conversation made me feel like myself again."
"Five years ago, I got married and unintentionally isolated myself from my friends."
"Being a stay at home mom, without any close female friends, has been a hard adjustment."
"You have a warm soul and very pretty and kind eyes."
"I love your website and wish the world was full of uplifting people like you."
"Thank you for being who you are."
"I am now inspired to start a healthy lifestyle and get myself back, and know how to do it."
"I haven't been motivated, but now feel ready."

"I am going on a hunt for a trampoline today, my daughter will love it too."
"I will let you know when I find it and we can all bounce to Oprah."
Dearest Readers, when this woman meets you, she will meet another kind person with a gentle heart.
You never know what your brief encounters and your smiles mean to another person.
Smile, smile, smile...
there is much power in a simple smile.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

spring crocus
Rain Drops on a Single Winter Crocus of Hope
in Mary Ellen's Garden.

The bulbs were safely nestled in the earth!

They are bravely poking their heads up
demonstrating eternal hope!

"God always speaks in a whisper first."

With Your Heart
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
and her Angels
Listen...can you hear it?
There it is again!
Listen...and you will hear the gentle hush of the earth.
The rain has stopped, the snow has settled and the world quietly a..w..a..i..t..s.
The seeds of the future lie dormant in the earth...awaiting nature's word to spring to life.
The birds are nestled in their winter homes and the air is still from their voices.
The world awaits its next signal of growth and all is quiet...for now.
The same cycles occur in your life.
Your inner guidance to grow spiritually,
to understand more, to run forward on
your destined mission often grow quiet
and you grow frustrated, but know this is natural
- that like the seed in the earth awaiting and
gaining direction for its next move upward...
so are you.
Use this time to read, to educate, to meditate and grow still, so you have the energy when your spiritual growth spurt happens.
There is no road map to your spiritual destiny, just follow your heart, follow the direction it pulls you in, follow your gut instinct...your inner knowing that prompts you forward.
And as a delicate seed
becomes a vulnerable sprout,
remember you too will gain strength
as you hold your roots firm and
become a massive oak tree.
Tall, strong and assured
of all the wisdom
you gained as you grew.
All from the Light,

Seeds of JOY
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Dearest Readers,
Imagine a beautiful Angel of Love walks over to you at your computer and says,
"Ah, the gentle rain falls and nourishes the earth's awaiting soil, giving renewed strength to all living things.
It is the cycle of balance of life.
What nourishes your soul and gives you strength to grow in character, personality and morals?
What do you see, do or read that makes you stand out from the crowds of people?
What do you see, do or read that allows you to teach the next generation wisdom and give their souls the strength to carry humankind forward after your passing?
As the rain falls, silently seeds sprout and take root and then blossom.
What nutrients of wisdom are you sharing to open their eyes to the beauties they may become?
So that they blossom and their lives nourish the generation that is fast coming up after them.
Your life's work...your life's presence
has the power to effect so many others
in such beautiful and positive
and long lasting ways.
What you nourish will blossom and it too will blow its healthy seeds of wisdom and renewed strength around the planet, as others before you did for you.
Enjoy your journey of life.
It can be like a roller coaster with its ups and down and twists and turns, but there is a time it comes to a stop...and all must get off allowing room, and a turn for others.
Enjoy your ride. May it be filled with laugher.

Twenty more Angelic

Crocus Cluster in Cottage Grove
Mary Ellen's Winter Crocus.
They look like friends having a sunny day picnic.

Health Tip
Jumping over the
Wall of Depression
by Robert Neumann
Eating too many sweets and consuming excessive caffeine, especially in the fall and winter months, can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression.
According to ancient healing systems the lungs and kidneys are most vulnerable during this time of year.
The emotion linked with lungs is grief, and kidneys the emotion is fear.
Drinking too much coffee and eating too many sweet foods/drinks/soda pop/fruit juices etc., can contribute to weakening the kidneys.
That's why after the holidays there is this big let down and a tendency towards illness.
Eating more protein and a good quality of sea salt during the winter months helps balance out the emotional stability as it nourishes the kidneys.
The foods we choose to eat
affect us physically
as well as emotionally
every day.

To our new 730 Angel Scribe Readers
since September 2005!

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