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The Rest of the Story!

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In This Issue
- Miracles...A Mother's Many Miracles
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Dearest Readers,
A few weeks ago, a miracle literally fell out of the sky!
Amazing Miracle Airplane Crash Story:
There were so many miracles around the airplane crash that it can be viewed as a tightly woven tapestry, designed by a higher power, creating a beautiful outcome for the survivors hitting the earth at 90 mph.
But you only know half the story!
In this issue, one of the women rescuers shares the rest of the story!
It is awe inspiring that this crash was my first volunteer fire department photography assignment...and it revealed not one but two miraculous stories!
Reading the second half of the miracle connections is like pulling a thread on a garment hem...the thread keeps on unraveling, each miracle leads to more and more of the same.
Grab a Kleenex...this story is inspiring, heart touching and well...down right miraculous!
Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"

 Miracles, Miracles, Miracles
A Mother's Many Miracles
Dear Mary Ellen,
I read your Angel Scribe newsletter on the miraculous airplane crash.
My family was there when it happened and I would like to share with your readers many of the other miracles surrounding it.
I have one daughter and two sons, and was divorced from their father and remarried at the time of my 16-year-old son, Jackson's death five years ago on the bend in the road close to where the airplane crashed to earth.
Jackson and his girlfriend were killed on their way back to school after lunch.
The third teen, who was the driver, was badly injured and survived after his small car collided with a pickup truck and hit a telephone pole.
Jackson and his dog
Jackson and his dog "Buddy."
Jackson's father has never been to Jackson's accident site.
I invited Jackson's father to meet us at the memorial site to honor our son on the fifth anniversary of Jackson's passing.
I know our family was meant to be there for the airplane occupants, at that day and time of the airplane accident, because of the timing!
Everything took longer than expected to get everyone and everything coordinated and then drive the 45 minutes to the memorial area.
We arrived much later than originally planned time, because we stopped and purchased an Angel statue.
It also took extra time to have a metal plaque engraved with Jackson's name on it, and we bought some wood to construct a cross for his memorial.
Finally, my daughter, Amber and her teenage son Alex, and Amy, (my youngest son's fiancée) and I arrived.
We started to organize the earth for the new plants, and build the cross to mark the site.
Seconds later, we heard a horrendous crash!
We raced to the rescue of the people in the aircraft.

I am making the first part of the story brief as your readers can read the full account and see the photos on:
Airplane Remains
and my Grandson Alex

A neighbor living across the road from where the airplane crashed just so happens to be a Fire Chief and paramedic.
What are the odds of crashing so close to someone trained for such emergencies?
When we ran/swam across the river to the survivors, the Fire Chief checked the survivors out.
Amy, Amber and I guided the stunned survivors across the river stream to the waiting ambulance.
We know, without a doubt
that we were meant
to be there to help!
We returned to the memorial site, and began to construct the cross.
Because of the emergency, we were still at the memorial site when Jackson's father drove up, otherwise we would have been long gone.
Now, almost all of our family had come together.
The only one missing was our son, Jesse, in Okinawa, Japan.
Jesse has grown up since Jackson's death and serves in the military.
We did not tell Jesse we were planning on coming to the memorial, because he is in the process of preparing to go to war.
My cell phone rang.
Jesse said, "Mom, I just had a feeling to call."
It was 5 A.M. Okinawa time,
3 P.M. Oregon time,
and perfect
Universal Divine Timing!
Now our family was all together, a rarity, because of our divorce Jackson's birth family is no longer ever in one place at the same time. was a miracle for Jesse to call at that moment and be able to speak to everyone he loved ... as he was preparing to leave for Iraq in a few days.
We KNEW it had that special Jackson touch to it!
I want your readers to know that our grief over Jackson's passing has been the blessing for seventy-five strangers!
Because of Jackson's youth and health, he became a donor and helped others.
I have met some of the recipients who benefited from our grief.
All of their lives greatly improved, because of the gifts Jackson gave them.
The man who received Jackson's kidneys could not play with his children, his body functions were poor and he was on dialysis every other day just to stay alive.
The man did a TV special encouraging viewers on the importance of donating loved one's organs to help others live a better life.
He was so ill that he was allowed only ½ cup of fluid a day to drink...for years!
It was shortly after the TV show that he received Jackson's kidneys.
He told us how he is now able to get on with his life, and for the first time he can play basketball with his children!
Also, Jackson LOVED old cars, and now the kidney recipients new hobby is restoring old cars!
Would you believe!
Someone received Jackson's liver by accident!
The recipient of his liver was phoned "accidentally" by a computer glitch!
The computer jumped over the next two recipients in line, and phoned her to come in for the liver! 
When she received the phone call she had barely thirty minutes to get to the hospital.
During the operation her own damaged liver ceased to function.
She was brought back to life by Jackson's young healthy liver!
Timing was the miracle between life and death!
The other amazing thing is; she was supposed to be at her daughter's wedding, but at the last minute they changed the date which ended up allowing her to be close to the hospital and receive the liver.
Organs have a very short shelf life once removed, and because of the unexpected phone call and ONLY because she was in town did she receive Jackson's liver.
Then while the woman was recuperating at her other daughter's home, her daughter kept seeing a shadow flitting by her.
Her daughter told me about some "funny" things happening at her house.
She asked, "Was Jackson a practical joker?"
"Things in our home keep disappearing and reappearing."
"I know exactly where I put them down, then go back and they are gone, only to show up elsewhere!"
The daughter also had dreams and visions of a young man.
Her husband thought it may be their future child, but she felt it was a young man or teenager about 15 or 16 years old.
When we sent her Jackson's photo she burst into tears, she recognized him from what she had been seeing the entire time!
The person who received Jackson's knees had damaged their own knees so badly in a skiing accident that he could no longer walk.
Because Jackson's knees were in good shape from Jackson being a skate boarder, his knees helped the man walk again.
The list of Jackson's blessing to other families in their grief goes on and on as each one had their lives improved.
Our grief was lifted each time we heard
how another families grief had been lifted.
Unusual things were happening to us too!
One day, the metal handle of a wooden jar's lid came off... and FLEW across the kitchen!
A couple of days before Jackson's funeral we received a phone call from Amber's friend who lives an hour and a half drive up the freeway.
At the time of the phone call she had no idea that Jackson had been in an accident and died.
She had only met him two times.
She had a dream/vision about Jackson and was afraid to talk to me, because she was not sure how I would feel about what she had to say, so she asked for Amber instead.
She said, "Jackson came to me in a dream and told me that his Mom needs to go to his bedroom at his father's house."
"Jackson wants her to have two things from his room and wants to make sure she gets them."
"One is a poem to his mother; the other is a poem to his Grandparents."
Jackson told her exactly where each item was located, even to what it was underneath!
He also said, "There is going to be a Teddy Bear for Mom," but he did not say where it is going to be found.
So, we drove over to his Dad's home and went to Jackson's room.
We found both items exactly where he told her they would be!
"Third drawer down, in between the note books."
The one for me is an excerpt from Robert Munch's book "I'll Love You Forever";
"I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I am living my Mommy you'll be."
The note to his Grandparents reads;
"You are my Grandparents
You are special to me.
I will love you forever to be.
I love you a lot
and you love me.
You take care of me well
And watch out for me.
You love me and I love you.
You are sweet and really cool.
You are welcome at my home
Anytime you are alone.
You are kind, you are nice.
You keep me warm when I am cold as ice."
It was as if he knew that his young life would end soon!
As for the Teddy Bear, it was found the day of the funeral.
At the front of the church, there were baskets of hundreds of letters written to both Jackson and his family members.
(It took me a year and a half to read them all!)
There were boards upon boards of photos and at the end of the table was my Teddy Bear sitting silently waiting to comfort me.
It was from a lady who had read about our loss in the newspaper.
She had also had a son die and understood my pain, so she mailed the Teddy Bear to the Church.
But Jackson knew it was coming!
Jackson and his fishing pals
Joyful Fishing Buddies!
Jesse, Jackson and Coleman.
I want to tell you about the spirit of my son.
At Jackson's candlelight vigil, a female teenager came up to me in tears and held my hand.
Her candle was wavering in the wind as she told me the story of how Jackson changed her life.
She said, "Jackson made me look at my life differently."
"One day, Jackson saw me sitting by myself on the brick wall at school."
"He came over and asked why I sat there alone."
"I told him that I am not very pretty or social, so he invited me over to meet his group of friends."
"The next day, Jackson came up to me with an arrow necklace that points down."
"He rode his skateboard two miles to a local store and purchased it."
"As he put the necklace around my neck, he said,
"This is to help you remember, every day, that it is
not what you look like, but what is down there...
in your heart that counts."
Jackson also befriended foreign exchange students from Denmark and Norway.
He wanted them to learn something American, so he scraped up parts and built them skateboards.
Then he taught the exchange students how to use their skateboards.
A few days after my sons death, I could not sleep from constantly crying, so I got up at 6 A.M. and walked down to the fort Jackson had built in the trees.
He called it his "chill spot"...he'd go there to think and "chill out."
I was in pajamas, crying and sitting on a log.
Hundreds of sparrows started noisily chirping and landing close to me!
More and more arrived!
It was so out of place, and sensational, with them singing and chirping that I stopped crying.
I knew Jackson was sending beauty to lift me from my grief.
To this day, I feed birds, all kinds; quails, blue jays, sparrows, robins, wrens, pheasants.
It is Jackson's last gift to give me;
something to nurture after his passing.
I have spent hundreds of dollars on bird food!
Jackson is always with me on the holidays.
I always hear from him either two days before or two days after Christmas.
When I am by myself, once again, birds begin flying into my yard, hundreds of them!
Then, they hop towards me and it is ALWAYS when I am crying and thinking of my son.
Of course, I end up laughing and say, "OK Jackson! That is enough!"
Only then do the birds stop landing in my yard.
Jackson always did things in an unusual way
and his goal was to lift people's hearts.
Every Mother's Day he sends clues too.
Something appears from nature in the shape of a heart, and I know it is from my son.
Leaves have blown up on my front porch shaped like a heart; four leaf clovers shaped like hearts are found, etc.
Or, I will find heart shaped rocks in my yard.
Once, his friend, who had never met me, gave me a heart shaped rock found on a beach, not knowing the connection to me and Jackson.
Jackson was living with his father at the time he was killed, and three days before he passed away he went into Alex's, my nine-year-old grandson's room.
Jackson said, "Alex, something is going to happen to me this week. Don't be upset about it. Please take care of my mother for me...and remember that everything is going to be OK."
Jackson was not driving at the time of the accident, so it is not as if he had planned it.
He just knew on some level that his time on earth was limited!
Before Jackson's death, every Friday night my husband would come home with pellets for BB guns.
It was their "man thing."
All the men in my family lined up on the back porch and shot at an old beat up orange mango can.
After Jackson's passing, no one wanted to continue the "man thing."
One night my husband thought it would be a good thing to do, but the mango can had disappeared.
No one had the heart to keep on with the tradition without Jackson and their can.
A few weeks later while driving with my grandson, he started crying.
I asked him what was wrong and he said,
"You won't believe me!"
"You will think I am lying!"
Our whole family was in so much grief, so I pulled the car over to the side of the road, and again asked him what was wrong.
He said, "Remember how the mango can is missing?"
"Well, last night, Jackson came into my room in the dark. I could not see him, but I could hear him talking to me, so I asked, 'Who is it?'"
He said, "It is me! Jackson."
"Jackson told me where the can is, so when we get home I promise to show you where he said it is."
So after work, he walked me over to the exact spot, on our seven acres of property, and there was the can where Jackson said it was.
Now our BB tradition is once again
active on Friday nights, but this time
it is not a "man thing."
It is a "family thing" because
I am playing with them too.
We had Jackson cremated because so many of his organs were donated, and we wanted a part of him around us.
For your readers who have not gone through a tragic death, it may sound strange, but we found sharing his ashes very comforting and healing.
Jesse took some of the ashes with him to Okinawa.
He later flew to mainland Japan and hiked up Mount Suribatchi.
At the memorial to soldiers who had died in the war Jesse let the ashes blow into the wind as all his fellow marines watched in silence.
My son, Jesse, wears a silver cross necklace and his fiancée has a heart necklace which hold Jackson's ashes.
My daughter and I both wear bracelets that hold his ashes.
Jackson's urn rests in a bird bath memorial that we made, it is surrounded by Angel statues and flowering plants.
A few months ago, Jackson's best friend and his fiancée arrived for a visit.
We had not seen them for years.
The next morning, they both woke up feeling Jackson's presence so strong that they decided to get married in the house!
They were going to get married in a few months, but decided today was the day.
We had nothing for a wedding, nothing for them to wear and no ring, so we went to town to file for a marriage certificate and on the way stopped to fill the car with gas and ran into a friend.
The friend heard about the sudden wedding plans, turned around, went into the station, and came out with a small jewelry box filled with his Grandmother's rings.
She had recently passed and he did not know what to do with them... until now.
He held the little box up to the cars window, opened it...and asked the soon-to-be bride to choose a ring.
She chose the heart-shaped one that had many small diamonds!
I burst into tears.
I knew Jackson was present as she had never met him, and did not know the significance of another heart shape in our lives.
They filled out paper work for their marriage license, but it had a three-day waiting period.
Only under certain circumstances can the waiting
period be waived, so we told the clerk what was happening...and the waiting period was waived!
They were free to get married.
I called several jewelers and they were all closed, so no one was available to size her ring.
Then a jeweler phoned me back and told us to meet him at his shop...he would come in on his day off.
He sized her ring for $20!
We went shopping for clothes for the bride and groom and all the white clothes for the bride were on sale.
We left the store with everything we needed!
My daughter had a wedding cake decorated for less than $15!
Everything was meant to be!
Now all we needed was a minister, so I called a minister-friend and he said, "YES, I will come and officiate."
Seconds before the ceremony, the groom hurriedly puts on his shoes and runs into the night.
He returns shortly saying, "Bringing in my best man for my wedding."
His arms were wrapped around Jackson's urn.
He placed it in the position of best man and kept his hand on it during the ceremony.
Jackson continues to bring wonder
and love into our lives.
His brother Jesse, in Okinawa, is leaving this week for war and Jesse sent me this note.
Hey Mom,
I sent my Will and Power of Attorney today.
I know this stuff is hard.
I have been training for this for over a year.
I promise to not get lazy or drop my guard.
I will come back.
This is something I have to do to serve my country and if I do not go, it will be someone else's child in my place.
God has a purpose for me.
There is a reason for everything.
He will take care of me, I have all your prayers to back me up.
I love you Mom.
Love Jesse
Thank you for reading the story of my son Jackson.
When we honor our loved ones and bear witness to the life they lived...the love they leave with us is ours forever.
Some people make the world special just by being in it, Jackson was one of those people.
Please, never take your loved ones for granted.
We are all blessed with the gifts of love and life.
It's up to us to make a difference in other's lives.
My son did.
Please consider asking your motor vehicle department to include the words organ donation on your drivers license.
Paula in Dexter, Oregon

Editors Note
Paula has lost one son and would appreciate
you holding Jesse in your prayers for his safe return.
Jesse and Paula

Organ Donation
Ask Hospitals & Churches
Organ and tissue donation.
United Network for Organ Sharing National Institute of Health - medical info on organ donation.
Donating a kidney to a loved one.
In Oregon
Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank
24 hr. line (800) 452-1369 ext.45560

Proofreader's Comments
Cyndi in Washington State
I'm still sitting here crying - with awe and joy over the other miracles that have become a part of Paula and her family's lives - what a moving and wonderful story!
I will keep Jackson's brother in my prayers each night - he deserves them and so does his mother.
I wish I had met Jackson - he sounds like an extra ordinary person.

Sherrie in Connecticut
Mary Ellen, this is a spectacular story of LIFE and DEATH and how death can actually mean life and GIVE death meaning with love.
Too often we think of one or the other and we need to "connect" them?
Paula's story connects death to the living in the most beautiful ways I have ever seen!
Her incredible true story is touched by Heaven's light itself!
I can hardly wait to forward this issue onto my friends!

Ann in London, Ontario, Canada
Beautiful newsletter, definitely a heart wrencher.
The most miraculous part of Paula's story is the people who lived because he died.
It's almost as if he was sent here, he lead a healthy life was a lovely boy and his job was done, and therefore his body divided among people who were dying.
That is spectacular. He will always be alive.
Love Ann

Kathleen in Maine
Amazing miracles!
I feel touched by Jackson's life even though I never met him.
What a sacrifice he made for so many.
Has his mom has read "Healing Grief" by James van Praagh, it may help her?
It's wonderful how Jackson shows love and that he
is still with them every day.
When people pass we miss them, but the truth is...they are with us more in spirit.
In life we could only see them occasionally due to jobs, school, life circumstances, moving, but when they move onto spirit they can be with us every moment of every day.

What a wonderful job that mom did of "Being a Mom" how
she graced the earth with an earth angel like Jackson.

Pat in Washington State
How very fortunate that this young man, was born into this world, with the obvious giving soul that he possessed.
While the pain of losing him, remains with his family, they must know how very special they are, because Jackson was born to them.
Many of us could go a lifetime and never know or understand the power of love that Jackson understood so well.
His was an Angelic mission in life, as soon as he was born.
I am sure that he is active in their lives, and others as well.
Love does not stop with death, and death is but another door.
This Newsletter is certainly outstanding in every pass me the Kleenex box, will ya?

Lyn in New York

Paula's series of miracles definitely make one of the most powerful stories I've read in a long time.
We are all connected, aren't we?
Her story is a great reminder.

Pam in Washington State

Everytime I say, "This is the most wonderful newsletter yet!"
Now, you come up with one that touches me more!
I wish everyone had a chance to read this issue!

Alex in North Carolina

Thanks Mary Ellen!
Ever since reading your newsletters "Angel Power" has been in my life improving everything around me.

Light and Peace,

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