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photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Mary Ellen holding Whyspurr by their Snow Cat.
Who we are in our youth, and what we love...is who we become.
Angel Appears in Hospital
After Parent's Prayers.

Three TV reports
Angels Solve
Mystery of Lost Pet
Dearest Readers,
Many have asked how I ended up on this journey of "Angel Scribe."  The best way is to say, kicking, screaming and complaining...then quietly praying and receiving a gift from God/Spirit/Angels so amazing that it changed my beliefs from skeptic to believer.
I grew up in a family where my father cheated on my mother, with so many women, including my kindergarten teacher, that our home was always in turmoil.  When I was a toddler, my mother contracted TB and she had to enter a hospital for an extended period of time.  My father, not wanting to care for us, put my brother, sister and me into two foster homes.  I was away from the family from ages 3-4 years old. Then we were returned to our parents, after our mother's release from the hospital...for another round of interesting family tension-times.
By living in several different homes, I realized very early that there is no normal family, that there are many ways to see things, and became observant...educating me to be open minded and hearted.  Many years later, I reconnected with a man, Matt, who had been in grade 5-6 with me.  He said, "I remember you.  You were one of the only people that was kind to me, and you had a big smile."
Matt, was shy, quiet and tried to be invisible in school.  I had no idea he was Native American until years later.  In my eyes...at school, I saw another child, hurting like I was.  When we can relate to others, there is no room for prejudice or judgement.
When I was twenty-five years old I began exploring spirituality. Most of us know God is out there, some can feel God, but how can we see God in our lives?  You might call me, a believing-skeptic!

For our vacation my husband and I rented a camper and took our family, two shaded-silver Persian cats, Channel and Camalot, on vacation.  We caught the ferry off Vancouver Island in Canada and headed to Lake Chelan in Washington State.  After a six hour drive, at the campsite we put the cats on their harness-leashes.  The next time we turned around Camalot had wiggled free of his harness.

He was no where to be seen.  We were devastated!

Of all the animals I had ever owned and loved this shy-gentle creature, who had been raised in a cage by a breeder, had not learned to fend himself, relied and trusted on me for protection.

We spent our entire 'vacation' walking around the small town of Lake Chelan calling, "Liver, liver, liver."
It was Camalot's favorite treat, and he always came to it....except this time.

Between naps we wandered the streets day and  night, going to the radio station, newspaper, and local schools searching and alerting people about our precious missing kitty. The town folks predicted that the cat would be up a tree somewhere. But, I knew this innocent cat did not have survival skills, and would be hiding under a bush somewhere.

Three days later, on our last morning of intense searching, just as the sun was rising, we were still wandering the quiet dark streets calling , "Liver, Liver, Liver." Exhausted, at 4 AM we knew it was our last chance to find Camalot as our 'vacation' had run out. We never even got to sight see or swim in the lake!

We had done everything humanly possible to find Camalot...and it was obvious...locating him was out of our hands. 

At this point, I stopped my life long inner complaining and passed my heart into the hands of God and said, "Dear God, If you are really out there, if you really exist, please show me where my cat is."

The most unusual thing happened next! Invisible hands of God, or hands of loving Angels, were placed on my back, and directed me in the opposite direction that we'd been searching.

These hands applied pressure at street crossings on which way to turn. We turned to the right, and walked another block, then they guided me to the end of the street. I followed their direction for a quarter of a mile to a location we had not searched when the feeling of the guiding hands lifted.  The sun rose.  I stood there in confusion. 

What was that all about?

I called "C-a-m-a-l-o-t" one last time, and out from under a bush, twenty feet ahead, a scared-thinner-fluffy Shaded Silver Persian meowed.  Camalot slowly crawled out from under a bush and stood still...waiting to be picked up. 

He blinked his huge green Disney eyes. My soul soared, my heart melted.
Is there a God out there?  We all have to make that decision in our own way, in our own time.  Relaxing, coming to a wall in our life, losing a precious kitty, and taking the time to ask, seems to be the key.

Maybe if my cat had not slipped from his harness, I may never have discovered prayer, God, and the Angels.  Maybe when something bad happens to us...It is just part of a greater plan that we do not see at the time!

The story of our missing cat had spread around the entire town.  (I had seen to that!)

When we pulled out of the motor home park we told the gate keeper we had found our cat and she burst into tears.  She said, "Today is my 21st birthday and you finding your cat is the best present I could have!  He is beautiful, and it is lovely to see your cat is home with you."  Yes, there are kind people all over the world.

Oh, and Channel?

When we carried Camalot back into the camper and put him In front of the water bowl, Channel walked right over to him and smacked him on the head with her paw, with a look as if to say, "You sure caused a lot of trouble."

As upsetting as Camalot's disappearance was, during a vacation where we never got to have one, it appears that Camalot was meant to get lost so that we could find and understand that a Divine power is at work in our lives. 

And now, 31 years later, it is still an amazing true story and one to offer you hope in your life....may you too find what is missing in your life.

And if you are going through a rough time...may you ride it to the end and discover its deeper meaning.

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Angelic Pet Tip
My dear friend Atira, has the gift to see and hear Angels!  

They told her that when a pet is lost that we can visualize a pink ribbon from our hearts to the pets.  Apparently, lost pets follow this vibrational lead back to you...or you to them.  The lead is active wether they are alive or dead.  Possibly this is the link some pets follow for thousands of miles to return home.

I once shared this information with a friend on the phone.  Her cat was missing for three days.  She hung up the telephone, visualized the pink ribbon and walked outside.  She said, "I walked the same route as before, but this time I could feel my cat.  Sadly, I found her dead by the side of the road. I found her in a matter of minutes, and did not have to spend the rest of my life worrying if she is OK."
Our family did this same technique when our bunny became lost.  He safely came home, emerging from the 7 acres of woods behind the house.
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