Miss Wings'
Adorable Kittens

Photos by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

phonefunnymeow.jpg (10000 bytes)
What would your reaction be if Oprah called???
Would you scream for .... joy!
"Myster E. in the photo"

phonesitter.jpg (10000 bytes)
Nymbus, "I can't come to the door.
I am on the phone!"

xmastree1.jpg (10000 bytes)
Three Little Angels.

People want to know how I can
get the kittens to sit and pose,
but this next photo shows they are real kittens,
not just glamor pusses!

xmastree.jpg (10000 bytes)
Our Rose Christmas tree is
a source of little pink roses
for the kittens to "pluck" and
chase for hours.

whyspurrface2.jpg (10000 bytes)
mystereface.jpg (10000 bytes)
Myster E.

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Miracles Happen!

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