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Expect Miracles

Book Ordering Information

Prices in USA funds are:
"Expect Miracles" $15.00
"A Christmas Filled with Miracles" $13.00

Shipping in the USA:
(other countries please email for shipping prices)
1-2 books $7.00
4-6 books $8.00
7-10 books $9.50


Order 10 books
and you will receive
one book of your choice FREE!

(allow 2 weeks for holiday shipping)


Any more questions?
angelscribe AT msn Dot com

Please include your email addy in your note incase I
have to check spelling...and include the names of the
folks you wish the books autographed for.

Mail checks to;
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
PO BOX 1004
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
For books to be mailed out of the US
please write to angelscribe AT msn DOT com

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Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"
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