Atira, Psychic Medium
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Atira, born with the gift to hear and see Angels.

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe", Louise Hay and Atira

Ted Andrews and Atira

Doreen Virtue and Atira

James Van Praagh and Atira

John Holland and Atira

Gordon Smith and Atira

Davie LeBaron and Atira

Mary Ellen, Trudy Griswald (AngelSpeakes) and Atira

Featured Speakers on the ANGEL CRUISE
Trudy Griswald, Atira, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
and the late and much missed Barbara Mark

Atira with Denise Lynn

Atira and Mary Ellen with Dr. Judith Orloff

Lee Carroll and Atira

Private Phone Consultations
Angelic Guidance from the Heart
Experience one of Atira's magical readings.

$100 for 45 minutes
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Stories Featuring Atira
Showing the Beauty 
& Goodness of Her Heart
Atira, saved from the Bank robbery

A Must Read! Small Hands, Big Hearts
TWA...Travel's With Angels 
An Egyptian Miracle...It Started in Seattle!
Mr. Purrfect
Atira's Miracles
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Note from the editor:

We decided to share Atira's gifts on this page
for the sole (or should we say soul!) purpose
of honoring the amazing work she does with her
angelic guides and for the support she offers others.

We receive no funds for sharing Atira with you all.
(Atira, has the right to refuse service to anyone.)